Steps in applying for a non-professional Philippine driver’s license

Want to drive a car? You can’t until you have your driver’s license. A driver’s license is an official document authorizing an individual to drive a motorized vehicle in the Philippines issued by the Land Transportation office. You need to be at least 17 years old to get this privilege and you have to be physically and mentally fit.

So if you’re already decided in being one of the road warriors, here are simple steps in applying for a non-professional driver’s license.

  1. Go to your nearing LTO Licensing Office or LTO District Office.
  2. Go to the customer service counter to get your checklist of requirements and secure a driver’s license application form. You can accomplish this form prior to transacting your business at the LTO.] Get a queue number.
  3. When your number is called, go to the evaluator counter and submit all the required documents and have it checked for completeness and authenticity.
  4. When your name is called, go to where your photo and signature will be taken.
  5. Go to the cashier to pay the application fee.
  6. Go to the Examination Room for the lecture and written exam.
  7. After passing the written exam, wait for your name to be called for the practical exam.
  8. After passing the practical exam, go to the cashier when your name is called for payment of necessary fees and obtain an official receipt (OR).
  9. Go to the releasing counter, wait for your name to be called and present the OR and claim the card type license.

Total cost in applying for your non-pro driver’s license should only be 417.63 based on Malacanang Official Gazette.


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