8 Reasons to buy from Montana Views and Strands by NorthPine Land in Pampanga

Old houses may have charm and historical significance, but many people would rather live in new homes. Sometimes, old homes can be drafty, musty, or filled with strange items left behind by other occupants. While some may find it rewarding to fix up an older house and make it their own, others simply may not want to buy a home that they will have to sink more money into it right away. 

Traffic, noise pollution, and air pollution are some other common problems faced by people who live in condominiums and apartments in the city. Faced with these problems every day, city residents live a stressful and unhealthy life. 

Life is short, so why suffer if you have an option? If you’re tired of city life, why don’t you try country life? Living in a subdivision like the Montana Views and Strands, both by NorthPine Land and both located in San Fernando, Pampanga offer great benefits. Here are some of them:


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