8 Reasons to buy from Montana Views and Strands by NorthPine Land in Pampanga

Old houses may have charm and historical significance, but many people would rather live in new homes. Sometimes, old homes can be drafty, musty, or filled with strange items left behind by other occupants. While some may find it rewarding to fix up an older house and make it their own, others simply may not want to buy a home that they will have to sink more money into it right away. 

Traffic, noise pollution, and air pollution are some other common problems faced by people who live in condominiums and apartments in the city. Faced with these problems every day, city residents live a stressful and unhealthy life. 

Life is short, so why suffer if you have an option? If you’re tired of city life, why don’t you try country life? Living in a subdivision like the Montana Views and Strands, both by NorthPine Land and both located in San Fernando, Pampanga offer great benefits. Here are some of them:

  1. 1 Subdivision homes offer a greater sense of security

    The entire area is fenced with 24-hour security. Professionally trained guards man the post and check every person and vehicle who wants to get inside the subdivision. CCTV cameras are also planted all over the area to monitor everyone’s activities. With this kind of security, your family gets well-protected and your kids’ safety is assured. If you’re looking for a safe place to live, Montana Views and Strands gives you that security that you are looking for.

  2. 2 Subdivision-living gives a peaceful and quiet life

    If you’re living in a condominium, you have to deal with traffic, pollution, and deafening noise of vehicles and commuters. With this kind of environment, life becomes unbearable. If you live in a subdivision that is mostly built outside the city, life is admissible and sustainable. Away from major thoroughfares, residents are relieved of the long queue of vehicles, honking horns, hordes of pedestrians, and crowds rushing and milling everywhere. Living in a subdivision allows you to enjoy tranquility, especially at night after a hard day’s work.

  3. 3 You have access to amenities

    Most subdivisions have clubhouses, swimming pools, sports courts, playgrounds, parks, and even gazebos. As a resident, you don’t have to go somewhere else to celebrate your birthday or whatever occasion there may be. Furthermore, some subdivisions have laundromats, cafes, and mini-groceries. All these amenities are embodied in the subdivision for the residents’ convenience, young and old alike.

    Montana Views is slated to open its Lifestyle Hub to level up the luxurious living for its homeowners. This stunning spot promises to “make the community a hive of a dynamic and vibrant way of life.” The hub will house several amenities including:

    • basketball court
    • fitness center
    • children’s playground
    • swimming pool
    • WiFi-equipped Lifestyle Center where homeowners can access an air-conditioned function hall and multipurpose area. There will also be a kids’ playroom, entertainment room and snack bar.  

  4. 4 Living in a subdivision allows you to enjoy outdoors

    With open spaces, you can do a lot of outdoor activities with your family and friends. You can walk or jog around in the morning as part of your fitness routine. Your kids can go biking with your pet in tow. On a windy day, the entire family can fly kites. You can even grow flowers and herbs to start a garden.

  5. 5 You develop a sense of belongingness

    Living in a subdivision fosters familiarity among the residents. They discover things in common such as the same interest, values, and perspectives in life. They develop a certain connection and strong friendship that in time, they can count on each other in case of trouble. In a subdivision, every resident feels that they belong to a community that cares. With hundreds of people living inside Montana, this kind of connection is possible.

  6. 6 You live in a clean and healthy environment

    Most subdivisions have trees, shrubs, and bushes around. Adults and kids can breathe clean and fresh air. Furthermore, a dump truck regularly collects your garbage. Consequently, everyone is free to stroll around the subdivision, without the danger of getting sick due to polluted air. Montana is creating this kind of environment for its homeowners.

  7. 7 Fastest Way to Establishments

    Developers of subdivisions like the NorthPine Land usually pick the best location where they can give their homeowners a quick access to establishments like hospitals, schools, grocery stores and malls all while keeping life more quiet, peaceful and offering a sense of exclusivity.

    The two Montana Subdivisions are near high-end schools that are known to provide quality education to kids. Some of these schools include the New Era University (3.8 km), Our Lady of Fatima University (4.8 km), Saint John Bosco School of San Fernando Pampanga (5.4 km), and Saint Scholastica’s Academy (7.2 km). 

    Moms don’t have to say goodbye to their shopping life too. Montana is just 3 km away from the Jumbo Jenra Mall, 6.2 km from San Fernando Puregold Junior, 8 km from Vista Mall), 9 km from Robinsons Starmills, and 9.2 km from SM City Pampanga.

    Other public establishments nearby include the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Medical Center (3.5 km), Mother Teresa of Calcutta Medical Center (5.5 km), Pampanga EENT and General Hospital (6.3 km), and San Fernandino Hospital (8.7 km). Places of worship include Lighthouse Bible Baptist Church (300 m), San Vicente Ferrer Parish Church (1 km), Iglesia Ni Cristo (2 km), and Jehovah’s Witness Community Hall (7.2 km).

  8. 8 Ready house design

    There’s no more need to pay an architect to build your home when you buy a house from Montana Views and Montana Strands by NorthPine Land. The price you’ll pay already includes the house design. You can choose from variable options like:

    Montana Views

    • Rushmore, an elegant 5-Bedroom House and Lot
    • Kendra, 3-Bedroom House and Lot
    • Lindsey, 3-Bedroom House and Lot
    • Quincy, 3-Bedroom House and Lot
    • Aven, 2-Bedroom House and Lot
    • Bryn, 2-Bedroom House and Lot

    Montana Strands

    • Nancy, a 4-Bedroom House and Lot 
    • Madison, a 4-Bedroom House and Lot
    • Sandy, a 3-Bedroom House and Lot
    • Trinity, a 3-Bedroom House and Lot
    • Sandy, 2-Bedroom House and Lot

If you prefer a less stressful life, living in a subdivision is a great option. With its great benefits, your family will surely have a happy, healthy, and fun-filled life.

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