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Enjoy Hassle-Free Holiday Shopping at The Goodwill Market


It’s the season of giving and there’s no better time to start looking for the perfect presents for those who matter most. While the holiday rush is upon us, there’s no reason to take on the stress of heading out into the crowds when there’s a hassle-free alternative from The Goodwill Market. The online shopping site will deliver your handpicked gifts just as promptly as Santa, right to your doorstep. All you need to do is to make a list, and check it twice. 

The Goodwill Market has choices of thoughtful packages that will suit your gift-giving needs, with choices that are sure to please family and friends. Here are the bundles of joy that are available for this Christmas.    

Happy Christmas Bundle. Spread joy this season with popular pantry favorites such as Gullon NA Chocolate Sandwich Cookies, Chek Hup Kopi Tarik, Duru Extra Coarse Bulgur, and Umbria Original Truffle Sauce.

Holiday Twist Bundle. Give the gift of good taste with Duru Coarse Bulgur 5+1, Umbria Original Truffle Sauce, and Chek Hup 3 in 1 White Coffee Original.

Happy Holiday Treats Bundle. Make your loved one’s snacks and mealtimes more exciting with Duru Coarse Bulgur, Chek Hup 3 in 1 White Coffee Original, CH Kokoo Peppermint, Gullon MegaDuetoCookies-Chocolate, and Gullon Bio Organic Avena Oats and Wheat.

Healthy Holiday Bundle. Give the gift of good nutrition with this bundle that contains Duru Coarse Bulgur, Umbria Original Truffle Sauce, Nutri Brown Rice Oats Soy Lecithin, and Chek Hup Coffee Brown.

If you want to gift your inaanak with something special this year, you can choose from the different Kids’ Bundle of Joy choices from The Goodwill Market. The Sweet Surprise Bundle contains Chek Hup Kokoo Peppermint, Gullon SF Chocolate Wafer, Gullon SF Vanilla Wafer, Gullon Bio Organic Avena Oats & Wheat, and Nutri Brown Rice Choco. The Sweet Morning Bundle is an ideal breakfast and baon buddy with Chek Hup Kokoo Peppermint, Gullon MegaDuetoCookies-Chocolate, Gullon SF Vanilla Wafer, and the Gullon Bio Organic Avena Oats & Wheat. If you want to go all-out with sweet somethings, The Sweetest Gift Bundle is a great choice with Chek Hup Kokoo Peppermint, Gullon SF Choco Wafer, Gullon NA Chocolate Sandwich biscuit, Gullon MegaDuetoCookies-Vanila, and Nutri Brown Rice Choco.

There are more gift choices that are available for doorstep delivery at The Goodwill Market. Browse the well-curated website at to find the right presents for your loved ones.  

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