5 Reasons to Ditch the Bank and Start Using GCash for Money Transactions

If you think that bank payment is still the easiest way to complete money transactions, then you probably haven’t heard of GCash yet.

Sending money to any bank account in the Philippines is free through GCash and it has never been easier with this e-payment option.

Gone were the days when we had to go through the long lines at the billing centers and banks just so we can fulfill our payables. Today, GCash’s feature of sending money to bank accounts in the Philippines makes it possible to pay up shopped items and services or transfer allowances with just a few taps on the mobile phones. It also supports almost all merchant payments so there’s no more need to step out of the house to settle dues.

It is easy and convenient. And on top of it, it’s FREE!

All you need to do is download the GCash app and register your account. Once activated, you can already transfer funds for free with Gcash app. Receiving money from different remittance centers like Palawan Express or Cebuana Lhuillier, banks, partnered stores like 7 Eleven, or from other GCash users via the mobile app is also quick and free.

But apart from depositing money to banks for free with GCash, here are 5 more reasons to skip the long lines at the counters and start using GCash for all money transfers:

  1. 1 GCash Won’t Let You Drown In Debt With Its Prepaid Option

    GCash now has its own ePayment card which acts like any other debit cards. But with a twist!

    Unlike credit cards which are actually like loans with interests you have to pay every month, your GCash card can be deposited with cash. This removes the worry of maxing out a credit card and you get better control over spending. 

    Meanwhile, the main advantage of GCash cards over debit cards is that you can tap up your account anytime and anywhere via the 7/11 stores. Depositing money to banks for free with GCash is another advantage to take note. While tapping up your debit card from another branch will cost you 50 pesos, putting money in your GCash will cost you ZERO pesos!

    So now, you can spend everything in your account and still purchase more simply by depositing money to your GCash account through the convenience store. There’s no more need to miss an important sale or emergency shopping with your GCash card.

  2. 2 GCash Offers Flexible and More Payment Options

    Unlike credit and debit cards payments which are limited to swipes and card number inputs, GCash offers you more ways to pay your orders. 

    Linking your GCash with a PayPal account gives you more payment options for online shopping, most especially when you are purchasing an item form foreign shops. Scan to Pay and Facebook Messenger payment options are also available. With your mobile phone, you can generate a QR code to pay up items. 

  3. 3 GCash Offers More Ease and Eliminates the Hassles

    All of us have probably already experienced the nuisance of falling in line for hours, waiting for our turn at the bank or billing counters. Include the hassles of commuting too. 

    The fund transfer feature will not only let you deposit money to banks for free with GCash but it will also let you complete the transaction wherever you are.

  4. 4 GCash Gives You A Wider Reach

    Bank transfers are limited within the company. BDO users can only transfer online to another BDO user. The same goes with other banks. 

    But with GCash, you can easily transfer money via the app to any bank. 

    GCash just recently opened a new feature that allows its clients to transfer fund for free with GCash app. Here is the list of the 30 banks you can transfer money to:

    • Bank of the Philippine Islands
    • BDO
    • Metrobank
    • Landbank of the Philippines
    • Security Bank Corporation
    • Unionbank of the Philippines
    • Philippine National Bank
    • China Banking Corporation
    • East West Bank
    • RCBC
    • UCPB
    • PS Bank
    • AUB
    • PBCom
    • DBP
    • Bank of Commerce
    • China Bank Savings
    • CTBC Bank
    • Dungganon Bank
    • Equicom
    • ISLA Bank
    • Malayan Bank Savings
    • Maybank
    • Omnipay
    • Partner Rural Bank (Cotabato)
    • Paymaya
    • Philippine Business Bank
    • Philippinen Trust Company
    • Philippine Veterans Bank
    • PNB Savings Bank
    • RCBC Savings Bank
    • Robinsons Bank Corporation
    • Sterling Bank of Asia
    • Sun Savings Bank
    • UCPB Savings Bank
    • Yuanta Savings Bank
  5. 5 Easy Money Monitoring and Cash Out

    Just like any other mobile banking app, when you send money through the GCash app, you will get a proof of record of your transaction. The advantage with GCash, though, is you have the option to get the receipt on your email for safer and more legit proof of transaction. Alternatively, you can check your activity on the GCash App’s Transaction History. 

    When you send money to another GCash account, the recipient has multiple options on how to withdraw the money. 

    Users can either withdraw the money or cash it out in remittance centers, partnered retail stores or through GCash credit cards. They also have an option to send it directly to their bank accounts and withdraw from ATMs.

    Final Words

    So why should you use GCash especially for bank deposit transactions?

    It’s free and convenient. And it is arguably the fastest way to send money to banks.

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