5 Reasons to Ditch the Bank and Start Using GCash for Money Transactions

If you think that bank payment is still the easiest way to complete money transactions, then you probably haven’t heard of GCash yet.

Sending money to any bank account in the Philippines is free through GCash and it has never been easier with this e-payment option.

Gone were the days when we had to go through the long lines at the billing centers and banks just so we can fulfill our payables. Today, GCash’s feature of sending money to bank accounts in the Philippines makes it possible to pay up shopped items and services or transfer allowances with just a few taps on the mobile phones. It also supports almost all merchant payments so there’s no more need to step out of the house to settle dues.

It is easy and convenient. And on top of it, it’s FREE!

All you need to do is download the GCash app and register your account. Once activated, you can already transfer funds for free with Gcash app. Receiving money from different remittance centers like Palawan Express or Cebuana Lhuillier, banks, partnered stores like 7 Eleven, or from other GCash users via the mobile app is also quick and free.

But apart from depositing money to banks for free with GCash, here are 5 more reasons to skip the long lines at the counters and start using GCash for all money transfers:


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