Zen Rooms Pampers Miss Asia Pacific International 2019 Candidates in Exclusive Events

  • Zen Rooms is the new official home of Miss Asia Pacific International pageants.
  • Zen Rooms named Miss Australia as their new ambassador.
  • Another exclusive event is set to happen at Zen Rooms Pod on October 12 to celebrate the victory of the new titleholders.

Before the contestants of Miss Asia Pacific International rocked the Newport Performing Arts Theater in Pasay, the first ramped through the hallways of the luxurious Zen Premium Selah Garden.

The recently revived international pageant just crowned its new titleholder, naming Spain’s Chaiyenne Huisman as the prettiest and wittiest of them all. Following their pre-pageant activities, the representatives from all 54 countries across the globe were able to find a tad bit of relaxation and enjoyment at the Philippines #1 hotel chain, Zen Rooms in Pasay.

Last August, Zen Rooms announced about their role in the recently concluded Miss Asia Pacific International 2019 being the new home of the candidates during their whole stay in the Philippines. So to welcome them all, the staff and officials of Zen Premium Selah Garden welcomed the beauty queens with a bang through an exclusive and explosive pool party.

Candidates got to introduce themselves in front of selected members of the press, media, and guests who were invited to the exclusive event. It was their first parade as beauty queens in the Philippines which is the home of Miss Asia Pacific International. An exhibition of wit was also witnessed which made it more difficult for the guests to vote for only one “ZEN Darling of the Night” and hail a new ambassador of ZEN Rooms.

In his delight for the success of the party they organized, ZEN Rooms Philippines’ Regional Marketing Director, Amit Shukla said in his speech during the event:

“It’s exciting to host the 50+ candidates from across the globe at ZEN Rooms this pageant season and we can’t wait to provide them the ZEN experience that they deserve. Aside from a comfortable stay, we have planned multiple events and activities to make their stay memorable.

As a start, we would not want to miss out on the chance of throwing an unforgettable Welcome Party for these queens from all over the world. We want to show them how hospitable the Philippines is and ZEN Rooms will always showcase that same hospitality to each of our guests.”

Miss Asia Pacific International General Manager, Essa Santos, also expressed their gratitude for finding a new haven that their beauty queens deserved. She said:

“We are grateful to ZEN Rooms and Selah Garden Hotel for joining us in showcasing our signature Filipino hospitality to the Miss Asia Pacific International 2019 candidates. With a schedule full of activities and the coronation night on October 9 coming fast, the candidates will need a comfortable home to relax and prepare. We’re very happy that they have that here.”

After the Welcome Pool Party, Zen Rooms lined up a variety of other exciting events for the candidates until their departure. On October 5, the Swimsuit Competition Preliminary Event was held where Zen Rooms awarded Australia’s Anjelica Whitelaw as Miss ZEN Asia Pacific International 2019 and signed her as their newest ambassador. Besides the title, Whitelaw is also entitled to free stays at any ZEN property throughout Asia.

And while the main pageant was already concluded, a special farewell party for the new titleholders of Miss Asia Pacific International will be held at ZEN Rooms Selah Pods Pasay’s Rooftop Pool and Bar on October 12.

In part of promoting the Miss Asia Pacific International 2019 pageant, Zen Rooms partnered with top influencers and pageant bloggers to run Giveaway campaigns where they awarded the winners with exclusive access to all the recent pageant activities.

Amit Shukla added:

“We want every member of the ZEN family to be a part of this celebration and hence we are running multiple campaigns for our online community so that they can win exclusive invites. As a thankful gesture, we are also extending the invites to our influencers who have always supported us thoroughly. So make sure you follow us @zenroomph (both FB and Instagram) to be a part of our exclusive giveaways and events!”

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