Your Security is Activ8 Business

Activ8 was built by innovation. One goal and one idea fused together that built a company that’s been around for years and still keeps on evolving.

We distribute end-to-end security solutions that are effective at protecting people’s lives.

Activ8 adds value to the best surveillance and security solutions available while delivering high quality services. But our passion don’t stop us there. We truly care for people so we give expert advice for our stakeholders for free.

Top Level Security

Your life is precious so don’t go on a day without securing it. Whether you need a reliable security system for your home or business premises, make sure to choose a provider that can give you top level solutions. Activ8 offers a wide range of superior products to ensure your safety as well as your valuables.
Constantly stay protected throughout the Metro with Activ8.

We are committed to providing our new clients as well as our existing loyal customers with the latest security solutions that meet their needs at home and their business. We are dedicated in our craft and bound to deliver quality services.

Activ8 Vision

Established in 2011, we envision a nation that’s safer from external and internal risks so we collect products to create a more secured community that people from all walks of life and all ages can enjoy. Activ8 Diversified Technology, Inc. has made a commitment to provide our clients with the highest quality Video Surveillance System, Electric Fence System, Door Access Control, Time Attendance System, Digital People Counter, Burglar Alarm, and Electronic Article Surveillance.
Year after year, we commit ourselves to continuous research on the newest security products in order to address new threats to safety.

As Metro Manila’s leading security specialists, we can assess your property for any vulnerabilities that may exist so we can recommend the best security solution you should use in your property.

Activ8 Mission

Our mission is to bring security and safety to homes and businesses where our innovative and tech-driven solutions are present. Your long-term satisfaction is what will make us happy. This is why we employed members who are responsible, knowledgeable, and driven to contribute to your security. We will continue to expand our range security products with a variety of intelligent features, many of which can be seamlessly integrated to create a complete and dependable security system.

Your safety is your right so make your security solutions right!

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