Your Complete Guide on Cebu

If you are thinking of making a trip to Cebu, well, you have made a wiser choice. Cebu is a lot prettier, calmer and relaxed when compared to Manila. You are sure to love the city, its pristine white beaches and glamorous nightlife. It is no wonder to see Cebu turn out as a hugely popular tourist destination. Book flights from Manila to Cebu right away and plan a great trip.

Cebu is fondly called the Queen of the South and is a cluster of islands in South China. The Cebu City lies in the middle of the mountain range that runs across the islands. The land here is rich and fertile thanks to the presence of mountains and sea. Thus, you can enjoy delicious local cuisine made of fresh ingredients produced locally. Take advantage of online Jetstar booking to book your flight and avail of some fantastic offers.

When to go to Cebu
One should avoid the hot and humid summer months from March to May as it won’t be very comfortable to travel around. June and August months experience heavy rains and should be avoided. So, the right time to visit Cebu is during the winter season as the temperatures are comfortable. Moreover, you can enjoy the colorful Sinulog Festival that is held in January.

Where to stay in Cebu
Cebu offers all kind of accommodation to its travelers with different preferences and budget. Thus, there are great places to stay on every type of travel budget. There are both budget hotels as well as luxurious resorts to pick from for your stay.

Hot to move around in Cebu
Public transport in the Philippines is cheap but confusing. You can take buses, coaches and jeepney, which is a small open bus. There are tricycle and even a pump boat which is like a wooden canoe powered by an engine. One can also hire a taxi or rent out a car, but those are slightly expensive. Jeepneys are the most popular form of transportation in Cebu.

What to do and see in Cebu
Cebu offers a rich environment and culture to explore. There are many exciting spots to see and explore. You can visit the most popular church like the Basilica del Santo Niño, which lies in the center of the city and is centuries-old. Cebu Taoist Temple is another major attraction and is looked upon as a contemporary wonder. Fort San Pedro overlooks the water from Cebu Pier and is strategically located at the heart of the first Spanish settlements here. Walk through the Colon Street which was the first road in the Philippines. Today, you will find it crowded and lined with vendors, shops and jeepneys and filed with the sights and sounds of the city. Lapu-Lapu City is another landmark that is a short trip away from Cebu. Explore the beaches of this coral island and go for an island-hopping adventure. Enjoy water sports like snorkeling and swimming.

Where to shop and eat in Cebu
As no trip is complete without the food and shopping, you must know where to eat and shop for the best experience in Cebu. Cebu Metropolitan area is known for the best shopping area and hosts a fair number of shopping malls and traditional markets. There are prime destinations for shopping here as well as for dining. As for food, the most famous names include Anzani, Circa, Tavolata, Blu bar and grill where one can enjoy Italian, Mediterranean, European cuisine as well as some excellent pizzas and local cuisine. Cafe Marco is a Japanese Café that serves vegetarian-friendly and gluten free options.

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