Young Man Confronts Schoolmate at Gunpoint in “Ipaglaban Mo”

Grae Fernandez takes on the role a young man whose life is threatened by his very own friend on ABS-CBN’s hit legal drama “Ipaglaban Mo” this Saturday (July 16).


Andrew (Grae Fernandez) was raised by Connie (Lara Quigaman) to be a friendly, kind, young man. In school, Andrew reached out to all his classmates even to the notorious bully Joel (Francis Magundayao).

At first, Connie believed Andrew could be a positive influence on Joel, hence, supported their friendship. Later on though, she realized that Andrew frequently went with Joel and feared that Andrew was forgetting his academic priorities.

Because of this, she asked her son to distance himself from Joel to which, Andrew reluctantly agreed.

Joel, however, did not take Andrew’s sudden change too well. One day, Joel confronts Andrew and points a gun at him. Is this the end for their friendship? Or is the end for one of them?

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