You and your Levi’s: Tell your story

Mention the term “blue jeans” and Levi’s invariably comes to mind. This is because the iconic brand, established in the late 19th century, has long been associated with blue jeans that ensure the highest quality in terms of fit, comfort, and originality.

The Levi’s 501 button fly jeans—the original and first-ever blue jeans—was born on May 20, 1873. Yet, at nearly 143 years of age, it’s still as young, fresh, and relevant as ever.

To celebrate the 501 Jean’s birthday, Levi’s brings back the “Live in Levi’s” digital platform as part of its “We Are Original,” a global campaign that features influencers and their stories, inspiring other Levi’s fans to share their own on social media.

The “Live in Levi’s” campaign encourages fans and wearers of Levi’s to engage the brand in digital conversation. Through their posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, people can tell the world how they wear their Levi’s Jeans, tops, shirts, and even caps.

“We want everyone to share their own Levi’s stories with us—how they wear it, why they wear it, and why they love it. We want to know what makes Levi’s apparels remain relevant to the times and use the information to help us innovate in the future,” says Kaths Laudit, Levi’s Philippines marketing head.

Because fashion is a means for personal expression, the stories will be engaging to say the least. A 30-year-old publicist might wear her 501 Jean with a tank top, Levi’s trucker jacket, and high-heeled boots while a 20-year-old university student could pair her Western Shirt with a black skirt and white canvas sneakers. Individuality would be the name of the game, with Levi’s serving as the means for self-expression.

For the global campaign, Levi’s has tapped three influencers, each of them unique but with one thing in common—they love Levi’s. Watch French music producer, writer, and model Caroline de Maigret, American DJ duo Classixx, and Chinese multimedia artist Yi Zhou share their experiences as Levi’s advocates.

Three short videos explain what Levi’s 501 Jeans and the brand personally signify for each of them. The campaign hopes to invoke a sense of community by encouraging global participants to use the #WeAreOriginal and #LiveInLevisPH hashtags on social media.

Caroline de Maigret swiped her first pair of 501 Jeans from her brother. She loves how denim—dressed up or down—fits effortlessly into her life. When she’s wearing her 501 jeans, she is exactly who she wants to be.

Michael and Tyler are the musicians behind the electronic duo Classixx. The childhood buddies grew up in Southern California where they loved wearing 501 Jeans.

Artist Yi Zhou was born in Shanghai and raised around the world. From her work to her fashion style, Yi Zhou draws inspiration from how she feels at the time. And she loves how her 501 Jeans allow her to express each day’s mood. Denim makes her feel most like herself.

“Since 1873, the 501 Jean has been a symbol of self-expression. Because the jeans have been worn by fans of all ages and occupations, the campaign encourages everyone to make the 501 Jean and other Levi’s apparel their own,” Laudit enthuses.

You don’t have to be an influencer or a famous person to rock your Levi’s. In fact, through “Live in Levi’s,” the brand encourages everyone to share their stories.

Levi’s, to be sure, expect these stories to be riveting and fun. After all, the fit, design, and fabric of Levi’s Jeans have been tweaked so many times through the years, yet users have remained fiercely loyal through the changes.

In the Philippines, there will be a 501 Special Birthday Promo where shoppers can win exciting prizes like tickets to exciting events and Levi’s merchandise for every P3,500 purchase. Levi’s will also roll out more promos and events in connection to this new campaign in the coming months.

The Live in Levi’s Project can be viewed and experienced at To stay updated with what’s happening, follow Levi’s on Instagram at @levis_ph or on Facebook at Levi’s PH.

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