Yamaha safe riding science for woman – “A Mother’s Day Special”

Yamaha Motor Philippines conducted a special edition of its Yamaha Safe Riding Science for Women on Mother’s Day. This was a way for Yamaha to give their own gift to all the mothers out there by giving them the opportunity to learn how to ride a motorcycle. By sacrificing most of their time for their families they can enjoy this new experience that is solely for them.

The participants had their own take on the event with some mother’s attending to develop their skills, influence their children to ride motorcycles, and to deviate from the usual celebration of the occasion. They all received roses when they arrived at the Yamaha Flagship shop – YZONE where they started with a seminar about the basics of motorcycle riding and traffic rules. Afterwards they headed to the test ride area where they were greeted by their instructors and Yamaha’s Mascot, Revvy Bear. When the test ride went on, Revvy Bear walked around the Greenfield District and offered Roses to all the mothers in the area.

In order to complete the YSRS program the moms had to go through different stations that teach them more about riding. They were taught how to properly wear their riding gear from gloves, to knee pads, elbow pads, and their helmet. Next, they learned more about the parts and different functions on a motorcycle such as signal lights, horns, and how to switch the engine on and off. Then their balance was tested before they began the riding proper. First, they experienced how to slowly begin throttling and braking before they were guided across the course on their Mio Motorcycles.

After receiving their certificates, the Mother’s were all smiles because of the exhilaration they felt during their session. They celebrated a special day and have grown from the experience that turned them into riders. This won’t be the last special edition that celebrates the women in our lives and Yamaha will continue to take this program across the country to women of all walks of life.

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