Yamaha Rev of a Decade

The Yamaha brand had humble beginnings in the Philippines before becoming the staple of motoring ingenuity that is known today. The company became part of the Philippine culture by sharing the passion for riding through world-class products that are equipped with state-of-the-art technology for 10 years; and each year was filled milestones and memories that will last a lifetime.

To celebrate a decade of revving a nation, the only way to do it was with a grand event that the entire country can revel in. First, the Yamaha Club set off their biggest ever touring ride across the archipelago which was made up of 1,000 riders with more than half of that coming from Luzon and Mindanao. It was a long trip which included a trip to different ports to make it to Visayas where they joined fellow riders in the region and together made their way to Cebu.

Cebu City was the venue for the 2nd Leg of the Yamaha Grand Prix 8 which is the premiere avenue for Filipino Motorcycle racers to hone their skills and reach the next level of their riding ability. On this occasion, a special treat was at hand for all the attendees. They were introduced to the Mio Aerox 155, the latest AT product that included the masterfully crafted iconic engine – The Blue Core. Carrying the engine’s technological credo of more power for less fuel, the machine perfectly fits into the realm of racing prowess with practical and comfortable use. Its arrival was accompanied by Yamaha’s newest ambassador, Matteo Guidicelli, who showed his riding ability on the Mio Aerox 155.

That wouldn’t be the only showcase of the Blue Core engine. The event was also the culmination of the Be More with Blue Core Challenge which pitted racing Rivals Mickey Mazo and Romer Corbe. After an exciting 8-hour endurance race in the Carmona Racing Circuit which was won by Team Corbe; this one on one race in Cebu was either redemption or domination by either rider. After a competitive race using the Mio Aerox 155, the battle was won by Romer Corbe.

Then the attention shifted from the rivalry to supremacy as the Yamaha Grand Prix 8 was underway. A fiery competition showcased different performances from veteran riders to new contenders.

After the race, the 1000 Yamaha Club Riders rode from Cebu City to Danasan Eco Park to celebrate their historic feat. Lucky winners were drawn in the Raffle and awardees were declared for the customize contest in what was pegged as the ultimate trip. The riders camped out under the stars and enjoyed performances from Bangs Garcia, the Disco Remix Dancers, DJ Veronica Chiongbian, and one of their own in DJ Inan.

All in one day, Yamaha has conquered an inter-island trip to Cebu, raising the level of raising talent in the Yamaha Grand Prix, showcasing a brand new product, empowering through a state-of-the-art engine, the culmination of a rivalry, and the explosion of riding passion. By celebrating 10 years, Yamaha continues to develop an outstanding relationship with the Filipino community and will exhilarate lives for many years to come.

Race Results:


150 OPEN Underbone

  • 1st place Vingie Coloma
  • 2nd place Gary Caneda
  • 3rd place Anacleto Flores

130 OPEN Underbone

  • 1st place JR Caneda
  • 2nd place Anacleto Flores
  • 3rd place Ephraim Onahon


  • 1st place Clint Jay Sande
  • 2nd place Fitz Gerald Sangual
  • 3rd place John Paul Lapente

Sniper 150 Mxi One-Make Race

  • 1st place Onahon, Ephraim
  • 2nd place Coloma, Vingie
  • 3rd place Lapante, John Paul

160 OPEN Automatic

  • 1st place Neil Perino
  • 2nd place Zac Lyndon Caneda
  • 3rd place Jeno Malasa


  • 1st place Sylvester Ramirez
  • 2nd place Gilmark Coloma
  • 3rd place Rene Alfarero


  • 1st place Gilmark Coloma
  • 2nd place Kentoy Auman
  • 3rd place Jeffrey Galleros Jr.

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