XLOG provides integrated suite of shipping & logistical tools for a more efficient and economical movement of goods

Shiptek Solutions Corp., a homegrown technology company, launched XLOG, an end-to-end digital logistics platform that commits to provide shippers an integrated suite of logistics tools that allow the streamlining of logistical workflows and enable frictionless shipping transactions.

“In 2017, the global logistics market reached a value of USD 10.32B and this is expected to hit USD 12.68B by 2023. This just proves that the logistics industry remains an important contributor to every country’s growth,” said Joey Ynion, Chief Operating Officer of Shiptek Solutions Corp. “However, despite its importance logistics is in dire need of an upgrade, with many of its processes still very much manual.”

It is with this in mind that the idea for XLOG was conceptualized. XLOG aims to make logistics smarter and more efficient by providing tools that allow shippers fast and cost-effective online booking, end-to-end shipment monitoring, and easy transaction management.

Fast and Cost-effective Online Booking:

Quick Online Booking: XLOG offers shippers to save on time and resources by allowing them to book their logistics requirements online from reputable logistics service providers – from shipping and storage to trucking and customs brokerage.

Transparent Rates and Online Payments: Through XLOG, users can complete financial transactions with peace of mind. The platform provides users with a free online e-wallet and allows top-ups and fund withdrawals. It enables businesses to pay their suppliers online and send money in real-time. Access to invoices and bank transaction reconciliations are also put in place for users’ convenience.

End-to-End Shipment Monitoring:

GPS Monitoring: XLOG also provides full visibility over shipments. Transport containers are attached with GPS devices to ensure security of goods and monitor current location of trucks and drivers.

Milestones Tracker: Importers and exporters can also track shipment milestones through XLOG as all documents will be attached to corresponding milestones for easy reference.

Easy Transaction Management:

Shared Communication Platform: An in-app messaging facility is in place for secured and encrypted business communications. This enables shippers and logistics suppliers to send private messages and create group chats for seamless team communications. This feature also allows all parties involved in a transaction to efficiently coordinate for greater accountability.

Centralized Document Storage System: All important documents are also stored and shared online for easy reference in the future.

According to Nico Gonzales, Chief Marketing Officer of Shiptek Solutions, XLOG was made wholly by Filipino software engineers and the first-of-its-kind platform.

“More than the smart functionality that XLOG provides, we are also very proud of the fact that this is 100% Filipino-made – from its conceptualization all the way up to its development,” says Gonzales. “We have a lot of talented Filipino developers but we do not get recognized as a center of excellence when it comes to technology. Hopefully, XLOG serves as a step in the right direction that, indeed, great innovations can come from the Philippines.”

Jun Ynion, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Shiptek Solutions said that: “As a logistics expert working in the industry for almost 25 years, I recognize where the logistics industry is at the moment. It is governed by unnecessary costs that are inexorably increasing at every opportunity. It is influenced by wrong perceptions, made so because the right data are not available, which then contributes to a detrimental environment for everybody involved in the business of logistics. But now we have XLOG – a technological advancement that promises to breathe life into the industry. XLOG’s bottom-line mission is to improve companies’ bottom line.”

XLOG offers free membership to all interested parties. For more information and details on how XLOG innovates the entire supply chain process, visit https://web.xlog.net/.

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