World Class 2016 Welcomes Manila’s Golden Age of Cocktails

Summertime often brings back memories of beloved local treats—conjuring images of carefree days spent sipping cold drinks through plastic straws and cups sold at a neighborhood stand. Four of the Philippines’ top bartenders delved into their deepest and fondest memories to create whimsy Filipino-themed cocktails for the recent launch of Diageo Reserve World Class 2016 – feeding into the nostalgia with spiked spins on classic Manila favorites that are just as strong as they are sweet.

On its fourth year in the Philippines, the 2016 Diageo Reserve World Class competition ushers in Manila’s Golden Age of Cocktails. Hinged on Filipino classics, past winners Kenneth Bandivas (2015), Yoma Rivera (2014), and AK Roxas (2013), along with Diageo Reserve Brand Ambassador Rian Asiddao, looked to some of their favorite local treats to create masterfully curated cocktails that showed off the ingenuity and artisanship of our local bartending superstars.

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