With POLAR your search for the perfect eyewear is over

You’re on the hunt for your next go-to pair of specs or sunglasses, and you want a combination of form and function. Looking for the right pair isn’t an easy task. You keep an eye out for specs or sunglasses that will help you seize the day; something that looks good on you, and is actually good for you. Now that Sarabia Optical has brought POLAR to the Philippines, your search is finally over. Italian eyewear POLAR goes beyond your usual pair by giving you high definition vision. The brand sports three qualities that make it special:

Super Polarized Lenses

Glare – the cause of squinting – happens when light hits a smooth, reflective surface. POLAR lenses remove this for you so that your eyes don’t strain. They do this through polarized filters, which gives you a crisp visual experience with more natural and vivid colors. These lenses also make sure that you have the perfect amount of contrast, accurate detail perception, and better depth perception no matter where you are!

The technology found in each POLAR pair doesn’t stop with Super Polarized lenses. POLAR lenses also have an anti-scratch coating as well as oil and water-resistant coating to enhance your pair’s durability. Added to this is a UVA, UVB, and UVC protection filter for those who love to explore.

This makes POLAR the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures. It protects and enhances your vision no matter what you’re doing — be it enjoying a day at the beach, playing your favorite sport, or while driving on road trips, or even just around the city.

Style and Design

POLAR is a statement piece. Their frames and lenses come in different tints and colors, letting you decide how you want to express yourself. They also have bold frame shapes and sizes – from the famous aviators and the classic cat-eye to eccentric hexagons – that cater to different personalities. These specs and sunglasses mirror your character. Whatever your style, whatever your mood, there’s a POLAR frame for you.

Italian Heritage

Since 1993, POLAR has always produced high-quality eyewear for self expression, inspired by their philosophy to combine experience, passion, and creativity. Forged by Italian craftsmanship, each pair undergoes precise calculations and detailed evaluation. This highlights the expertise put into POLAR.

POLAR innovates to give you the best visual experience without sacrificing your personal style. Its chic designs and bold colors express your individuality – whether you’re quirky, mysterious, adventurous, or anything in between! Find POLAR today, exclusively at Sarabia Optical, and choose to stand out.

For more information, visit the Sarabia Optical website at https://www.sarabiaoptical.com.ph/ and follow Sarabia Optical on Facebook and Instagram.

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