Will Joseph Cook Shares Gooey Single And Video “Kisses”

April 8th, 2022 – Singapore – Will Joseph Cook has shared his gooey new single “Kisses”, taken from his new album ‘Every Single Thing’, out on the updated release date of 10th June 2022 via Bad Hotel / The Vertex. An undeniably joyful summer-soaked track, Cook perfectly captures the dizzying feeling of being hopelessly in love. Fans can watch the video here and pre-order ‘Every Single Thing’ here:

“’Kisses’ is about hazy evenings in together,” explains Will. “It’s a kind of hopeless romantic vibe too, putting all the quirks of hanging out with your favourite person to song. The hook lyric was inspired by a classic Simpsons episode. Ralph gives Lisa a Valentine’s card with a train on it saying ‘I choo-choo choose you’ – naturally I worked it into the chorus.”

Of the video, he adds: “The video is a slight homage to late Beatles videos. It felt cool having Japanese subtitles as the English stately home aesthetic combined with the styling were both very Studio Ghibli inspired. The story is me falling for a dancing entity of love and summer in the gardens of a manor house. Unfortunately, it’s not my house but I’m working on it. Directed by Bertie Gilbert and co-starring contemporary dancer, Laurie Case.”

Will Joseph Cook makes music that will put a smile on your face. The indie-pop dreamer’s third album, ‘Every Single Thing’, is an exercise in joy: a collection of unashamed love songs, it’s a bubbling and exuberant reminder to cherish the present. The album’s ten meticulously crafted pop songs are a celebration of love that acknowledges the often-tumultuous journey that life can take us on. On ‘Every Single Thing’, Will Joseph Cook finds inspiration in the tradition of writing songs for and with someone special in mind in the style of old school crooners like Chet Baker or Elvis Presley.

Written with friend Eric Radloff, who releases music as Okudaxij, and LA-based writer-producer Matt Parad, he started work on the album in early 2021. “At first we were working remotely on a painfully slow countryside internet connection,” Cook remembers. “We sent each other stems and ideas and the first few tunes came together like that. Then it was just a case of finding a way to meet somewhere.”

That place ended up being Mexico. “I got an Airbnb for two weeks and we did all the pre-production there. In our suitcases, we had a mini-studio that we set up in an apartment block. We whittled it down to 10 tracks and went on from there to LA. Basically, you had to be in Mexico for two weeks and then you were allowed to enter the US. It was pretty wild,” he continues. “But then I ended up being in the US for quite a while. I was away for two months and the album was finished and mixed. It felt old school. I went to a place, recorded and left with a new record. I think those limitations and those pressures were good.”

Alongside “Kisses”, Cook previously released his singles “Little Miss” and “4AM” from ‘Every Single Thing’ which lands 10 June. Will Joseph Cook’s third album follows his 2020 sophomore ‘Something To Feel Good About’, which featured viral smash “Be Around Me” – the song found huge success on TikTok where 1.2 million videos were made with the sound – and his 2017 debut ‘Sweet Dreamer’.

Will Joseph Cook is one of the UK’s brightest young talents. Now 24 years old, Cook has been developing his multi-dimensional approach to crafting infectious songs since he was just 14. Finding inspiration in everything from the youthful indie charms of Phoenix, Vampire Weekend and Darwin Deez to the diverse singer-songwriter tones of Benny Sings, Eels and Neil Young. To date, he has amassed over 120 million streams worldwide across all platforms and released his sophomore album in 2020 via his own label Bad Hotel, via The Vertex.

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