Wife Welcomed Home With A Sea of Plastic Balls

If you don’t know Roman Atwood, he is just a husband who has made a habit to pull off pranks to his wife.

One day, when Mrs. Atwood was away, leaving Roman and the kids at home, Roman thought of another idea of pranking his wife when she gets home. So, he phoned in a truck of plastic balls and invited friends and kids to make his house a giant plastic ball bit.

Balls of different colors filled the floor. They set up a trampoline in the middle of the house and had fun jumping off from the mezzanine.

Roman called his wife to check out if she is on her way home, and she was. They set up the door so when his wife opened it, she will be washed away with a sea of balls.

The wife was indeed surprised by the balls when she entered her home. At first she seem to be sounding mad, but in the end they all had fun in the sea of plastic balls.

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