Why Do We Need To Excersie Our Right To Vote?

A citizen living in a society and a country has different rights and obligations, one of those is the right to vote (if your country is democratic) who you deem proper to sit in the government. Voting is one of the privileges of  a country with a democratic governance. Not everyone can partake in choosing their leaders, and some people suffer from having no freedom to vote. Then, why do Filipinos still choose not to exercise their right to vote?

According to the Philippine New Agency, last 2019 there were only 75% or 46 million voters who participated during the national election. People complain about how the government is running but when election comes 30% of voters are absent. The right to vote should not ever be taken for granted.

Here are reasons to encourage everyone to exercise their right to vote.

Elections Have Consequences

Voting is having the power to choose the quality of life that you want for yourself and for your community. It is the time that you could really make a difference and stand up for the issues that really matters like agriculture, public health, education, and labor wages. This is when you could choose people that could make or break the system. It is the people’s money after all.

Voting Affects Everything

Election is not just about who sits in the office. It is about choosing policies and laws that is favorable for the many and it is also about knowing how the people’s money will be spent. It also involves choosing a person who could make good decisions regarding issues like healthcare, territory, environment, taxes, wages, zoning, and more. When a person chooses not to vote they are just giving their voices and power to someone else.

Demoracy Is Something Many Generations Have Fought For

Our history is not full of happy and peaceful events. The people have experienced colonization, dictatorship, and war. Our heroes have fought for the freedom that we have today because they know how difficult it is to live in chaos. Isn’t that why we celebrate events like Independence Day, National Heroes Day and the likes?

Every Vote Counts

As cliché as this sounds, this is evidently true. There is this thinking that ‘it is just one vote, it does not matter anyways’ but if every people have this kind of thinking the numbers of absentee voters rises up and it eventually makes a difference.

Change starts with yourself- do not let anyone take your right. It is not too late to register just go to the Commission on Elections website on or before September 30, 2021 for instructions regarding voter’s registration and submission of applications.


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