Why a Stepped-Hull Boat Design Is a Good Idea

Are you planning on getting a sailing yacht to achieve your lifelong dream of sailing the Philippines’ gorgeous waters on your own pace and schedule? Or perhaps you’re looking to trade up your current seafaring beauty for something that offers better performance or has a bit more room for the amenities you consider essential?

If you said yes to either of these, then you might want to consider getting a sailing yacht with a stepped hull rather than one with the traditional V-hull. As you’ll learn in this article, stepped-hull yachts can be constructed in a way that make them markedly more spacious and more luxurious than conventionally shaped boats. Aside from that, they also afford additional benefits in terms of performance that are sure to fascinate both casual and competitive yachtsmen alike. All of these are true for some of the most popular world-class stepped-hull sailboats like the Bénéteau Oceanis 46.1 and the Bénéteau Oceanis 51.1, which you can now enjoy in the Philippines courtesy of leading yacht authority Europa Yachts.

To help you get acquainted with the most interesting advantages of a stepped-hull boat, we’ve prepared this short list for you.

A stepped-hull boat can be built with more space inside

Simply put, a stepped hull boat is one that is constructed with longitudinal notches on its hull—one that runs from one side of the boat, down to the keel, and on to the other side. The notches result in “steps” that make the sections of the hull aft of them considerably shallower than the sections fore of them.

In many cases—as with the 14.6-meter Bénéteau Oceanis 46.1 and the 15.94-meter Bénéteau Oceanis 51.1—incorporating steps in the hull enables naval engineers and architects to create boats with flared hulls and larger interior spaces that, in turn, open opportunities for designing more exciting internal layouts. After all, with a generous floorplan, you’ll definitely have all the space and amenities you a need to host the most remarkable gatherings—be it a refreshing seaborne party with your friends or an intimate and luxurious weekend at sea with your loved ones.

A stepped-hull boat can achieve great speeds

There’s no denying that it’s supremely exhilarating to unfurl your main sail and to let the wind take your boat on the nautical fast lane. A modern stepped-hull boat can definitely help in this scenario, thanks to the way its hull interacts with the water around it.

What exactly happens? To put it simply, the steps on a hull help reduce the surface area of the boat that comes into contact with water, thanks to the air induction effect that occurs as the boat runs. Less contact with water also means less drag, which results in a speed boost that’s sure to get your blood pumping.

However, it’s important to note that stepped-hull boats tend to perform well only if they are appropriately laden with just the right amount of passengers. If you have a habit of bringing in a large number of people every time you have a gathering, then a boat with a regular V-shaped hull might be better suited for your needs.

A stepped-hull boat is more fuel efficient

Being able to achieve top speeds simply because of the design of its hull affords stepped-hull boats another benefit: fuel efficiency. As a stepped-hull boat can go fast without burning too much energy, it’s definitely much more fuel efficient than its conventionally shaped cousins, which means more savings for the boat owner over time.

A stepped hull boat commands a higher resale value

A yacht with a stepped hull typically costs more than one with a more traditionally shaped hull. This is because the steps add complexity to the construction of the boat itself, resulting in an overall higher asking price across all manufacturers. As such, if you’re planning to liquidate your yacht in the future and want to get a bit more for it, then you should probably go with a stepped-hull model.

With these information on hand, you’re now in a better position to make a decision on whether or not a stepped hull boat is something that you’d want for your adventures on the high seas.

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