What, Where & Whys: Your Ultimate Guide To Philippine Pod Capsule Hotels

Hospitality has just got a little more space-age in the Philippines with the introduction of the pod capsules!

After being Japan-exclusive for decades, the “pod capsule hotel” concept is rapidly taking over other countries like New Zealand, Singapore, and now, in the Philippines!

But travellers are asking themselves: “Is it really worth spending a few extra dollars to stay in a pod hotel rather than in a traditional dorm?”

Think: no more squeaky bunk beds, no more unwelcome wake-up calls as some drunken guest switches on all the lights, and you can switch on the lights to make it to your bed safely without the guilt of disturbing your fellow dorm-dwellers.

Quick History

The pod hostels are old news to Japanese as they conceptualized what they call as “capsule” hostels and hotels. Pod hostels are all over Japan since the first one opened in Osaka in 1979. 

They are a great way to get a space all to yourself without having to pay the full hotel room fee. In Japanese capsule hostels, each room comprises of 8 to 30 capsules. 

Capsules are traditionally just a bed fitted in a space of 2m long, 1.25m wide and 1m high giving you just enough space to sleep in peace. 

5 Reasons to Try a Pod Capsule Hotel in the Philippines

Pod capsule hotels are now becoming a fad here in the Philippines. You can see one in Baguio, one in Tacloban, another one in Tagbilaran and of course, the Metro won’t disappoint with over 6 pod capsule hotels!

The concept offers many advantages over traditional hostels and is slowly winning over thousands of backpackers. Here are five reasons why we love to stay in pod hostels:

  1. 1 Choose to be social or rest in private

    With your pod closed you’ll have all the privacy you need to sleep well, read a book, etc. but you are still staying in a hotel where you can socialize with your roommates or other travellers in the lounge area. It’s the best of both worlds.

  2. 2 Much cheaper than hotels

    Private rooms in hostels or hotels are significantly expensive compared to hostel beds. Pod capsules provide a great alternative to get your own space without breaking the bank.

  3. 3 Brand new hostels/hotels

    Pod hostels are a relatively new concept in the Philippines so you can be sure that the accommodation is new. For this reason, facilities are nice, flashy and clean!

  4. 4 Sleep peacefully

    Should you want to go to bed in mid-afternoon to catch an early flight the next morning or sleep in after a big night out, you’ll be able to control your own light in your pod as opposed to an ever on/off the battle in a traditional dorm.

  5. 5 It gives you bragging rights

    Staying in a pod capsule hostel is an experience in itself! Just to be able to say that you stayed in a futuristic concept like Bruce Willis did is worth trying at least once.

    Where to Try Pod Capsule in Metro Manila

    Pod hostels are opening all over the country with more than 10 hostels featuring their own version of pods, from a curtain installed over a bed to home-built bed walls.

    For those arriving in Manila, give the newly-built Dormitos Hotel a shot.

    And the galactic ambiance of the pods will surely entice you, it will give you the impression that you are entering the “Star Wars” territory. 

    Dormitos can accommodate 100 guests at a time where 60 pods are dedicated for women at the 5th floor while the 40 remaining pods at the 3rd floor are exclusively for men’s use. Yes, that’s another great part of staying at Dormitos. Guests are only able to access floors where they are assigned.

    A common area is at the 3rd floor where travelers can find a panty to prepare their food and some seats where they can eat.

    When it comes to safety, Dormitos isn’t stone-aged. Guests are given their personal safe passcode and locker keys to secure their belongings. They will also be given pod cards, making you the only person to enter your capsule and hotel door access to enter your designated floor.

    And the best part?

    You can be comfortable in your cool room with each pod having its own air con!

    Toilet and bathrooms are shared but you don’t have to worry about sanitation – they have one of the most modern and cleanest common areas in the whole Quezon City hospitality industry.

    Check-in at Dormitos starts at 2pm while check out time is a t 11am, the next day. Rates start at 800 Php per pod per night and 8,000 Php per pod per month. 

    For those who are coming with their cars, the hotel has a total of 9 parking slots only. 

    Additional amenities: Free WiFi to update your followers with your vids and selfies!

Nearby Places

Dormitos Hotel is only 1.8 km from Smart Araneta Coliseum where you can catch your PBA games. It is also around 6.6 km from Shangri-La Plaza, 6.8 km from SM Megamall and 8 km from Malacanang Palace.

Power Plant Mall is 9.7 km from Dormitos, while Intramuros is 11.3 km away. The nearest airport is Ninoy Aquino International Airport, which is 19.3 km from the accommodation.

Quezon City is a great choice for travelers interested in local food, food and budget-friendly traveling. So if you are on a budget but want to try something fun and new in accommodations, Dormitos is the place to be.

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