What Kinds of Jobs are there in Quezon City?

With residents estimated to number around 3 million, and with many more working within its boundaries, Quezon City is the most populated city in the Philippines. Affectionately called QC or “kyusi”, it is home to business-friendly policies, a high concentration of government offices, top-tier educational facilities, well-established industrial zones, and retail centers, making the former capital a major epicenter for employment in the country.

This mix of positives boosts the diversity in the types of jobs in Quezon City, making it a prime destination for job seekers and job creators alike. The jobs in Quezon City are mostly in the wholesale and retail industry, with construction, manufacturing, administrative and support services, and accommodation and food services contributing most of the remainder.

Small-to-medium enterprises provide the bulk of employment opportunities in Quezon city. However, there are several notable large businesses based in Quezon City as well. Media giants ABS-CBN and GMA, for instance, are famously based within the city. The city is also the country’s epicenter for music and book publishing. Most of the transportation services currently serving Metro Manila and surrounding areas are also based here as well. The area also hosts a significant healthcare sector, with several specialized medical facilities found here.

Here’s an overview of some of the notable industries in Quezon City:

1. Wholesale and retail

If there’s something QC has a lot of, it’s malls and other shopping centers. These places provide a large proportion of the employment opportunities in QC, with retail being the anchor that allows the other industries and job opportunities to prosper.

There are also a high number of small commercial complexes as well as standalone businesses in retail and wholesale in QC thanks to the relatively low rent and property rates. Together, wholesale and retail provide roughly a quarter of the jobs in QC and help anchor most of the other jobs in the area.

2. Media and arts

QC is a hotspot for the country’s largest TV, film, publishing, and radio businesses. If you have a degree in communications or art, you’ll find job openings here.

It’s not just the big names that offer job opportunities either. There are a number of startups in media that are trying to make a niche for themselves in QC as well.

3. Business Process Outsourcing

Several large multinational companies have set up shop in Quezon City. The city is home to a large concentration of BPOs, thanks to its IT parks and its business-friendly policies and environment. The high concentration of schools here has also made it attractive to businesses in need of highly educated fresh graduates.

4. Food

There is an abundance of restaurants and other food-related businesses in QC, with openings for HM graduates constantly available. The large population has also made it a favorite place for new food concepts to be tested out and this activity is a major source of employment in this sector.

5. Manufacturing

Quezon City has for decades been home to large industrial areas. While this status has somewhat waned due to new industrial parks opening across the country, the city still has a significant proportion of the Philippines’ domestic manufacturing capacity. You’ll always find openings for manufacturing jobs here in QC.

6. Construction

The government’s continued investment in infrastructure and the positive growth of QC local economy has fueled a construction boom that will likely continue for several more years. This has boosted employment in QC’s construction industry as well as jobs in related industries.

If you’re looking for jobs in Quezon City, you’ll not only find plenty of openings but also diversity as well. The city has plenty and is it’s likely to continue being a center for employment for decades to come.

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