Watch: Marlisa Punzalan sings ‘Try’ on X Factor Australia Top 7 Live Show

After singing Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” last week, now the youngest contestant on X Factor Australia 2014 successfully performed her rendition of Pink’s “Try” during Sunday’s live song which Judge Redfood picked.

“That topped you last performance! I thought that was fantastic, so strong and so powerful. I haven’t seen that side of yours,” said Natalie Bassingthwaighte, one of the four judges on X Factor Australia.

“Getting better every week. The vocals and moves were great! You have me at the end of the song but you didn’t have me from the beginning,” Dannii Minogue told Marlisa.

“Your attitude on this song was perfect. That was I love because you are so sweet and so nice. You really speak into the people. You affected me with your charisma and conviction and that’s what it takes to be a pop star,” said Redfoo.

“I think they just tired; those are positive comments. That was incredible, what a moment. I’m so proud of you. That performance was electric,” said Ronan.

X Factor Australia Top 7 are Masliza Punzalan, Caitlyn Shadbolt, Dean Ray, Tee, Brothers 3, Reigan Derry and Jason Heerah. Could Marlisa be the next winner of X Factor Australia? Comment below your thoughts about Marlisa rendition of the song? Don’t forget to vote for Marlisa for X Factor Australia, SMS Marliza to 19778888.


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