“The Voice Teens” Coaches’ 8 Most Aggressive Pleas to Artists During The Blind Auditions

“The Voice’s” blind auditions stage is the most exciting part of the competition. It’s almost surreal to see the superstar coaches use various tricks and rhetoric to woo aspiring artists to join their respective teams.

But the country’s first-ever season of “The Voice Teens” has brought the competition among coaches Lea Salonga, Sarah Geronimo, Bamboo, and Sharon Cuneta to a whole new level – all of them using persuasive speech and making promises to the artists to get their attention.

Which coaches gave the most convincing plea to pursue the artists? Will the coaches live up to their promises come the battle rounds next week?

Let’s take a look at all the memorable moments where the coaches used their power of persuasion to assemble a solid team:


Mica Becerro

Four-chair turner and opera singer Mica stunned all the coaches when she took on an aria called “Queen Of The Night.” But Mica ended up choosing coach Lea, who was almost moved to tears when she shared her story about how classical singing technique saved her life “in the most literal sense” when she was doing “Miss Saigon.”

Coach Lea: I just wanted to share this with you only so that I can tell another person how important that kind of technique is and how happy I am na sa murang edad mo, you have it already. Sana more singers, more aspiring singers that watch this show take a cue from you, na sana seryosohin nila, na huwag nilang pagtawanan ang opera o makalumang kanta.

Patrick Corporal

Given the history of “The Voice,” it’s typical of guitar-slinging artists who compose their own songs to join Kamp Kawayan. But Patrick eventually chose coach Lea, who he believed would “fly me to the moon,” much to her own astonishment.

Coach Lea: There is so much potential and it is a very clean soothing (voice). Feel ko lang alam mo na kung sino ka as an artist and it gives u a leg-up on the competition.


Gia Gonzales

All the four coaches battled hard to recruit Gia whose “current” sound and beaming stage presence mesmerized the coaches. Coach Sarah stepped up to the moment and brought out her Season 1 finalist Klarisse, who said that because she and coach Sarah are not far apart in age, their coach-artist relationship blossomed into a friendship. Gia would eventually decide on working with the coach who would “make me feel at home and help me develop my talent as a star’ – the popstar royalty.

Coach Sarah: I really enjoyed hearing you sing… Nag-manifest pa ‘yun when I saw you perform, the way you moved, the way you danced to the song. You are a natural. You are a star. Pretty girl pa!

Mikko Estrada

The teen heartthrob charmed the four coaches with his refreshing blind audition. But in the end, he picked coach Sarah, who had to put up a fight by bringing out two shirts – one that says “My Coach” and “My Champion” – assuring Mikko that she would take him to the top.

Coach Sarah: Kung ako ang pipiliin mo bilang coach mo, magtatrabaho tayo nang husto. Alam ko ako ang pinakabata dito, pero maipapangako ko sa ‘yo na very passionate ako at hardworking pagdating sa artists ko.”


Isabela Vinzon

The daughter of actor Roi Vinzon, Isabela shared that she wants to follow in her father’s footsteps but that she wants to be recognized for her singing. Coach Bamboo, the only coach who has not dabbled in acting, used this point as an advantage to woo the teen artist.

Coach Bamboo: Gusto mo ibang path. It’s what I love to do, it’s what I am. I’ve chosen nothing but music. I am a soldier of music. That is what I am. You have my full attention in Kamp Kawayan.

Emarjhun De Guzman

Proud LGBT member Emarjhun De Guzman’s reggae-tinged voice got three coaches to turn around for him, and even taught the coaches some gay lingo terms. Coach Bamboo, to the delight of the coaches and the audience, even used the gay lingo terms to convince Emarjhun to join Kamp Kawayan.

Coach Bamboo: That was “epek” (great). Ang ganda ng performance mo. It was the right song. You have the right vocal quality for that kind of song. I’m doing that, and that’s the truth, that’s no “charot” (joke).


Alessandra Galvez

While Alessandra’s unique take on “Oops I Did It Again” stood out, coach Bamboo said that her voice needed “cleaning.” But coach Sharon, whose sense of humor often adds fun and sparkle to the coaches’ verbal back-and-forth, declared that she would help Alessandra reach her full potential.

Coach Sharon: If you pick me to be your coach, I will polish you, vacuum you, dust you, sweep you. I will clean everything… But seriously, I hope you choose me.

Heather Hawkins

English-born and Singapore-raised Heather’s subtle and heartfelt take of “Make You Feel My Love” swayed all the coaches. But she chose to join the team of coach Sharon, who asserted her seniority and used her experience as her main selling point.

Coach Sharon: You are in the Philippines. We have someone from Broadway. We have the pop princess. We have the rock icon. I am the most senior here. You grew up in Singapore, I grew up in this business. I can teach you everything I know. Come on, baby, you know you want me!

Watch out for more talented young artists in the blind auditions of “The Voice Teens” Tonight (May 28) and next Saturday (April 3). The battle rounds, meanwhile, will kick off on Sunday (May 4).

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