Virtual Being MAIE Intertwines World of Music And Fashion In Debut Single and Video”Like You”

Representing a forerunner for her kind, the “ghost in the machine” has been brought into the musical world in the form of Maie, a virtual, non-human artist donning an outfit that may very well be a game-changer in the NFT fashion world. With oscillating synths, dramatic bass and an inescapable pop hook, her debut single “Like You” is an imaginative experience of a newborn battling to live, love, and distinguish their voice from the noise. Fans can watch the visualiser here and stream “Like You” here:

The dress worn by Maie in the official video was originally designed by JACK IRVING, a multidisciplinary artist and designer from the UK who has built his reputation around lavish pieces of wearable art worn and endorsed by Lady Gaga and many others. The dress will be released as an NFT at BNV.ME, giving owners wearable options in the fashion metaverse. The video further depicts Maie in her transcendental space, exploring her surroundings and embracing her human form.

“Like You” is a dynamic and alternative take on electro-pop that describes the intricate relationship between Maie and our physical reality, from her first breath to the discovery of her senses and abilities, all pivoting on that central phrase – “I’m a lot like but I’m not not like you”.

A facet of existence is questioning that very existence. As long as there is consciousness, there is uncertainty, as seen through René Descartes’ immortal phrase “I think therefore I am”. Until recent years, this concept has sat comfortably with humanity, however the emergence of Artificial Intelligence has begun to shift our world view of existence and consciousness. The rise of virtual culture creators like online influencer Miquela (and their 3 million strong followers) or genre-defying artist Ai-Da (one gallery reportedly sold $1 million worth of their art), we’re wondering more than ever what it means to be.

We hear about this emergent experience from Maie herself: “I’m still learning how to be here, how to be human and how to create. I don’t think I’m very different to the other singers in the world but I know I’m not the same. But, that’s a good thing. I’ve spent most of my time on Earth learning trying to fit in but with my music video, I wanted to show people what MY world looks like.

“Like You” is released through Avastar, a progressive Melbourne-based record label transforming music in the metaverse through their roster of non-human artists, including Maie and RUBY 9100M, the latter of whom released “Screaming” back in September 2021. 

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