VDigital Marketing Inc. launches Tech Support For Doctors service to help Doctors make the transition to Digital Medical Consultations

With the COVID-19 Pandemic, people have stopped going out due to the quarantine lockdowns in different places and people have been forced to stay at home for everyone’s safety.

But life goes on even with the pandemic. People are still getting sick for other reasons than Covid-19 and with the quarantine getting to the hospitals or clinic of their doctors for medical check-ups is a major problem.

Various online platforms are already there to help the doctors be able to conduct online medical consultations to their patients, but what if the doctors don’t know how to start or set up their own telemedicine practices? That’s where Tech Support for Doctors come in.

Tech Support for Doctors by VDigital aims to provide MD’s with digital natives to help them navigate the digital world and get set up with what they need to do from which platforms they can do it, how to receive payments and a to answer general questions that the doctors have about using technology.

Digital Medical Consultation or Telemedicine or E-Consult helps protect everyone by connecting the Doctors and the Patients via technology.

Contact VDigital Marketing today via [email protected] or send a message via their Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/VDigitalMarketingph/


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