Vaccine Facilities Have the Power—Literally – to Protect Vaccines

Here's how you can do your part to ensure contingencies are in place for your power supply.

When COVID-19 vaccines started arriving in the Philippines earlier this year, there was a collective sense of relief and optimism that we are one step closer to winning the fight against the virus. While most people would easily recognize the vaccines and their manufacturers, what people don’t realize is the equally important role that vaccine cold storage facilities and centers play in the country’s vaccination strategy.

Learn more about the facilities in the gallery below:

Vaccine storage facilities, like Pharmaserv in Marikina City, make sure vaccines are kept safe before they’re rolled out to the public for use.

A key factor in maintaining the vaccines’ efficacy is to ensure that they’re stored in optimal temperatures. Having stable electricity plays a vital role here, as a shift in temperatures could render vaccines ineffective. While Meralco provides reliable and dependable energy, there are circumstances—such as typhoons and other natural calamities—that could affect power.

It’s important to have contingencies in place to ensure that the vaccination program goes uninterrupted. Here’s what vaccine storage facilities and centers can do to be ready with back-up power:

  1. Make sure to test your generator at least once a month. Don’t forget to regularly check that the fuel inventory is sufficient.
  2. Request for tree-trimming services from Meralco to keep branches at a safe distance from power lines. Doing this can prevent power interruptions.
  3. Regularly check your electrical wires, breakers, and other load side electrical facilities to make sure they’re in top shape.
  4. Ensure your area is safe from floods. If you are in a flood-prone area, make the necessary adjustments—such as elevating machines or improving drainage—ahead of time.

In case you don’t have a generator, consider equipping your facility with the help of MSERV, a Meralco subsidiary that offers a wide range of energy solutions, including generator installation and maintenance.

Do your part today by making sure your generator is in top working condition, especially now that the rainy season is upon us. And remember: We have the power to protect our vaccines, our people, and our nation.

By securing the power needs of vaccination storage facilities and centers, we respond to the call of the Department of Energy (DOE) February 16 announcement titled “Advisory: Ensuring Reliable and Stable Electric Power Supply During the Government’s COVID-19 Vaccine Roll-Out Program.”

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