Using Art to Spark Inspiration

Some use art to brighten up spaces; others tap into it to make a statement.

In the case of MaCEA (Makati Commercial Estate Association), who will soon unveil new murals on the Makati underpass system, it’s both.

As part of the ‘Make It Happen, Make It Makati’ campaign, the development of the murals were spurred by an overall vision of making the country’s central business district more pedestrian friendly.

“We wanted to promote the city’s walkability by enhancing the pedestrian experience of Makati,” explains Mr. Dave Balangue, president of MaCEA.

The underpass murals started in Sedeno and Legazpi last year and they received such overwhelming positive response, that it was only a matter of time before the city sought to find more people who supported the idea of highlighting the advantages pedestrianization for a city as busy as Makati.

The underpass murals will make walking more pleasurable for the 300,000 pedestrians who pass them daily. Moreover, beyond aesthetics, efforts such as this create an opportunity to let people be aware that creating pedestrian-friendly walkways makes a great livable city. Quite simply, people will become more inspired and uplifted as they traverse to work or to the diverse establishments in Makati.

That said, the addition of four new murals in Makati hopes to give city-dwellers more reason to jump on their feet, become inspired, and explore the beautiful city. Sponsored by companies who share the same thrust as MACEA, brands such as Nestle (at the Sedeno underpass), with its colorful take on city life, RCBC (at the Rufino underpass), as it depicts community building through art, Security Bank (at the Paseo de Roxas underpass), which highlights an inspirational vision for the youth, and Shell, (at the Salcedo underpass) creating a modern interpretation of its corporate mission, all define a new, more colorful experience and statement for Makati.

“One only needs to take a walk across the city to see what a big difference these murals make in terms of experience,” ends Mr. Balangue.

This project is spearheaded by MaCEA and Ayala Land, Inc. under the Make it Happen. Make it Makati campaign to strengthen Makati’s position as the leading city for business, lifestyle, entertainment and culture.

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