URBANEARS Kransen Review


Being an audiophile, I’ve been looking for the best earphones that will suit my lifestyle. As a music blogger and an SEO Specialist, I want to have the perfect earplugs for my phone and for my laptop.

As URBANEARS, a well-known brand for their stylish headphone introduced their Kransen model. With its clean, sleek design, the fab earplugs has cable loop which allows you to wrap up the cord and secure into place. That’s why you don’t have to hurry untangling headphone while inside your bag.

URBANEARS Kransen unique features are:

  • CableLoop – I like this feature because i can easily wrap up the cable and store it safely without thinking that it will be ruined.
  • SnapConstruction – You can enable snap up together both earbuds and wrap them around your neck. It’s the easiest way to grab the Kransen into your ears. Sounds cool!

One of the best things about Kransen is that it also has built-in microphone and remote. If you want to pick up calls from your mobile phone or rewind your favey music, just tapping in…voila!

Here’s my observation while listening different genres of music using Spotify:

  • Hiphop (T.I. – Love this life) You can hear the separation of vocals and the instrumental (which i like) 2 thumbs up.
  • Reggae (Snoop Lion – No Guns Allowed featuring Drake and Cori B.) Again the vocals is so solid its like your listening a live session again another.
  • Club Dubstep (Krewella – Live for tonight) Wow! Kransen gives me the bass sound i was looking for a good pair of earphone and you can still hear the vocals clearly. I’m loving it big time.
  • Bossa Nova (Astrud Gilberto – Agua De Beber) I feel so relax while listening to the music. Giving that feel is really a big thing to me.

Overall i think URBANEARS Kransen delivers a rich sound and intense bass sound and a clear vocal sound at a very affordable price.

Imagine where can you get a pair of earphones that delivers intense bass and clear vocals sound plus a unique features like Cable
and SnapConstruction, Its only URBANEARS Kransen.

URBANEARS Kransen retail price is 1,950.00 pesos and for me its very affordable price that no one can resist on buying it.

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