Upcoming rom-com “Take Me To Banaue” from Fil-Am director features Hollywood and PH idols

“Take Me To Banaue” is an romantic comedy flick soon to screen in cinemas and is produced by Filipino-American producer Danny Aguilar, who is the president and founder of Carpe Diem Pictures located in Dallas, Texas, USA. Aguilar worked with actors in Hollywood and local stars in order to make this film production happen.

The movie was written by Jason Rogers and Danny Aguilar and features an American engineer, Gank, who searches to meet a girlfriend he could claim as “perfect” and may even become his wife. He fell for a beautiful girl which later on revealed a secret and Hank continues on to travel to Banaue for the love of his life while multitasking with business and friendship relations at the same time.

Here are some talented superstars that will appear in “Take Me To Banaue”:

  • Brandon Melo – He is an American actor, entrepreneur, and model who will be the face of the film’s protagonist Hank. Hank lives as an engineer who believes that things are just simple and measurable and is eased with that mindset.
  • Maureen Wroblewitz – She is a Filipina-German actress known as the first Filipina winner of Asia’s Next Top Model which she was crowned in its fifth season and she is also a TV host. Maureen plays Grace in the movie, who is Hank’s love interest. Grace, who is very attractive, lives in Banaue and is very family-oriented.
  • Thea Tolentino – a Filipino actress who played in the telenovela “The Half Sisters.” She was originally known and became popular as a winner for the second season of a televised talent show, Protégé. Thea acts as the successful entrepreneur, Jinky. Jinky is a hotel-owner in Baguio in which Hank stays in during his travels; she has built everything she owns from her own hard-work.
  • Dylan Rogers – Dylan is from Chicago, Illinois, USA and is a theater actor and model. Acting in theater is where Dylan began his career and from then appeared in countless movies and TV series. He plays the role of Jordan who is a medical doctor and keeps on doing his hobby of sowing wild oats. Jordan is Hank’s best friend in the film.
  • MJ Lastimosa – She was Miss Universe Philippines back in 2014 who is a Top 10 semi-finalist. She is an  engineer, host, and actress. Paloma, played by MJ, is a mentor of Grace.
  • Norman Balbuena – “Boobay” – Boobay is a known Filipino comedian, actor, and TV host. Boobay plays the role of the flamboyant Rocky who goes after Hank’s appearance and fashion.

The production of “Take Me To Banaue” is already started in Baguio City and Banaue, Ifugao last March 4.

Danny Aguilar shares some sentiments about his film. “When we think of the Philippine landscape, the first thing that comes to mind is beautiful beaches with white sands and crystal clear water. But there are beautiful mountain areas that inspire love.

“The country is a magnet for tourists and those who desire to look for lifetime partners. Because of this, I always thought about a romantic story with cross-cultural flair while showcasing the beauty of the Philippines and its culture.

“In addition, I also wanted the story to highlight another area of the country that possesses underrated beauty with its landscape. I have a special attachment and affiliation with the Cordillera Region of the Philippines. Although I did not grow up in that area, it holds a dear place in my heart. I spent seven (7) years in Baguio City and completed my bachelor’s degree at a premier university there. And there is Banaue, which is also part of the Cordillera Region and is considered as the eighth wonder of the world.

“This script was conceptualized and developed taking into account that something personal is also universal. I have an interracial marriage (I am a Filipino, married to a Japanese woman). The journey of the Protagonist embodies an authenticity that I believe many people from all walks of life can relate with.

“Through the voices of the four main characters in the film, we begin to understand their journey and struggles. We can profoundly see their choices they made which impact their way of living. These characters represent segments of easily identifiable parts of society.

“I hope “Take Me To Banaue” will inspire and transform people in a more cathartic way. And I hope this film can put the Philippines on the proverbial Hollywood map.

“And, I want everyone to see my homeland as more than a place with gorgeous beaches and delicious cuisine. I want them to go deeper and love it as I love it.

“Carpe Diem Pictures’ goal is to produce a motion picture that will entertain, educate, inspire, and transform the spirit of true independent filmmaking through provocative story telling.”

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