UNIQLO 2019 Spring/Summer AIRism Line Includes UV-Blocking Items

UNIQLO, the Japanese global retailer, today announces the 2019 Spring/Summer AIRism innerwear collection. The new line delivers the ultimate in all-seasons by incorporating UV-blocking items, in response to popular demand. AIRism fabric embodies the LifeWear commitment to making life better, by wicking away moisture and keeping the skin smooth. It also has anti-odor and anti-microbial properties.

Serving every need

This season’s AIRism line offers an expanded line-up for your every need. For men, the number of AIRism boxer brief patterns has increased from 4 to 12. For women, new this season is UV-blocking AIRism long sleeve T-shirts to enhance safety in the sun.

Lowering the price of men’s seamless AIRism innerwear from Php 790 to Php 590

From 2019 Spring/Summer, UNIQLO is lowering the price of AIRism seamless items to Php 590. Seamless AIRism stays invisible under outer layers while delivering refreshing comfort.

Overview of Basic AIRism Innerwear Functions
Note: For regular AIRism innerwear; functions may vary by item.

Function Men’s Women’s Kids Babies
Moisture absorption and removal Fabric breathes to wick away moisture inside clothing  
Dry (absorbs perspiration and dries quickly) Perspiration dries swiftly
Stretch Elastic fabric fits the body perfectly
Anti-bacterial and anti-odor Prevents odor-producing bacteria from multiplying and protects against odor from perspiration  
Deodorizing Specially processed fabric absorbs and neutralizes perspiration and other odors  
Heat releasing Quickly releasing body heat      
Texture Ultrafine fibers feel silky and smooth
Contact coolness A cooling touch on the skin
UV-blocking Blocking 90% of ultraviolet rays   NEW    

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