Unfiltered Skin CEO’s kids tested covid positive

Movie producer and Unfiltered Skin Care CEO, Rina Navarro opens up about her two kids testing positive for COVID-19. Eight-year-old Rain and her brother, three-year-old, Theodore sadly tested positive last week from covid even if the two young ones have been home bound.

“I am encouraging people to stay at home, and also to refrain from accepting visitors since the most vulnerable nowadays are not just the old folks but the kids and even the babies.” says Rina. “Being vaccinated doesn’t mean you are totally immune, or you won’t be able to carry the virus. Always wear a facemask and faceshield if you are in the company of kids and elders” she added.

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Together with her plea to be extra careful, especially around kids, Rina is also asking for our prayers for her children and for all kids who are in the the same situation right now on the road to recovery. These are challenging times for the young and innocent children. These prayers also go out to all the other children who are now covid positive.

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