UK’s Lead Kabbalah Teacher Unlocks The Secrets of Prosperity and Abundance

“Core values can maximize business growth and revenue.”

This will be Marcus Weston’s key message when he flies in for a one-night talk in Makati. The Philippines, which he considers a second home, holds a special place in his heart. But apart from visiting family, Marcus Weston will be in town for another purpose: to teach and help individuals experience abundance, success and fulfillment in every aspect of life.

Awakening Abundance

With the country experiencing extraordinary growth, now is the time for l the people of the Philippines to realize their true potential. On March 2, Marcus will talk about the tools and technology, unique to Kabbalah, that maximize life balance and success.

“Core values can maximize business growth and revenue,” says Weston. “These values and practices which are inspired by studying Kabbalah will be appreciated by anyone wishing to see positive change in themselves, their business or career,” adds Weston, a prominent international speaker who has been invited at the U.N., the Houses of Parliament, and by some of the biggest companies in the world to share his views on success, emotional intelligence and general well being.

A former banker and owner of an international headhunting and recruitment firm, Weston once had a singular aspiration to change the world as a billionaire. However, through Kabbalah he has transformed that desire to help a billion people. As a result, he decided to sell the business and went on to study Kabbalah full-time. Weston now travels the world and teaches over 1,000 students a week at the Kabbalah Centre in London.

Apart from teaching Kabbalah, Weston also spearheads many European charitable projects, providing support to impoverished communities, empowering children and unemployed youth, crime prevention programs and peace-building initiatives.

Awakening Abundance is a one-night event open to everyone including non-Kabbalah students. Venue is at 5/F Main Hall, The Residences at Greenbelt. Registration fee is PHP1,000. For more information, please call Ruth Selda: 09178694957 or register directly at


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