Triple Your Dishwashing Powers With The First Natural Dishwashing Powder

Attention, plate attendants and designated dishwashers! Your newest sidekick in the kitchen is here. And just like you, it has breakthrough superpowers, too!

Power up your dishwashing and get the most out of every peso with the first Natural Dishwashing Powder in the market, the latest green innovation of the largest genuinely natural brand Human Nature.

The first locally-made nature-powered dishwashing powder in the Philippines, Human Nature Natural Dishwashing Powder’s waterless and plastic-bottle-free format lets you cut your dishwashing cost in half!

That’s right! Think about this: When you buy a liquid product, most of what you’re paying for is actually just water. It’s the water that needs a container, thus the plastic bottle. It’s the water that makes the product bulky, heavy, and expensive to ship. That’s why switching the format from liquid to powder can save you so much money!

At an introductory price of P224.75, when diluted, one 75 gram box of concentrated Natural Dishwashing Powder makes three 500 ml bottles. This not only saves 98.90% of plastic, but it also saves you P374.50 versus three 500 ml bottles of Dishwashing Liquid.

That’s as low as the leading synthetic dishwashing paste—even cheaper than the leading synthetic dishwashing liquid per ml!

A single pack makes 1.5 liters of dishwashing liquid! Imagine how many dirty dishes you could clean with just 1 box!

Half The Cost, Triple The Grease-Fighting Power

You don’t have to worry about it compromising on cleanliness. Packed with a potent blend of green ingredients, this 97.67% natural formulation is strong enough to cut through grease—without the use of harmful chemicals!

It effectively breaks down oil and helps neutralize food odor while keeping your hands moisturized with skin-softening jojoba esters.

8 out of 10 users said they were satisfied with its overall performance (foaming, cleansing and odor removing abilities) while 9 out of 10 said it’s gentle on their hands.

Stop washing your money down the drain! Try this waterless wonder powder and unleash its
#DishwashingPowderPower today!

Ready to #ShopGoodness? Human Nature’s range of genuinely natural essentials is available on their website, in their branches, through dealers and retail partners. Prefer COD? Checkout via Lazada, Zalora or BeautyMNL.

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