Trend Micro Held 3rd DECODE Conference Revealing New Kind of Cyber Attack

  • Trend Micro held its 3rd DECODE conference on October 10 at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel.
  • DECODE 2019 highlighted Deepfake Technology as a new technique to carry on a cyber-attack.
  • Trend Micro introduced new strategies to prevent the attack.

Online security is now a growing concern. Advanced network security threats are prevalent so don’t be too confident when you go online and take extra precautions.

So many cybercriminals are waiting for the moment when you are most vulnerable to carry on an attack. Even the biggest enterprises known to have strong cybersecurity technologies were infiltrated, so how much for you who can only afford internet security software?

We are not saying, though, that antiviruses aren’t helpful in this fight against cybercrimes. In fact, the top internet security software in the market today are so powerful that they can trace possible attacks even before they happen. And among the dreaded cybercrimes of 2019 include Deepfake Technology.

Ransomware is now an old school technique of extorting money from any PC owner protecting sensitive data. Cybercriminals have grown creative, making use of technology to fake videos, photos, and even audio clips that they use to blackmail individuals, government institutions, and private companies globally.

Prevention is better than cure, so to educate people of this prevalent, new type of cybercrime, Trend Micro’s DECODE 2019 Conference focused on the growing threat brought about by advanced cyber threats as well as techniques to prevent and combat them.

Now in its third year, DECODE 2019 came with the theme “GEAR UP: Defending the Connected World.” It brought together almost a thousand IT and tech professionals in the country who got to learn about the latest cyber threats and how to stay protected from them as well as new technologies and industry trends.

Various speakers were invited to share in-depth insights about cyber-attacks and methods for protection. 15 track sessions on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Incident Response, Internet of Things, and Vulnerabilities were facilitated simultaneously.

Speaking at the conference, Trend Micro’s Forward-Looking Threat Research—Cybercrime Research Director Robert McArdle shared:

“We are living in a golden age for elite cyber attackers.

In the early ages of hacking, attacks were carried out manually by attackers. Then, the explosion of malware followed, wherein attackers develop codes that perform hacking through compromising machines and using botnets. Now, the most damaging attacks are carried out directly by very skilled human attackers again using effective tools creatively.”

With millions of businesses worldwide affected by ransomware, McArdle predicts to see more victims as with cybercriminals combining Deepfake Technology with the latest kinds of ransomware. Fake media that can destroy a victim’s reputation is threatened to be spread to his or her contacts unless a payment or “ransom” is sent to a specified Bitcoin account.

Furthermore, McArdle sees more cybercrimes based on post intrusion ransomware, hacking of financial institutions specifically targeting ATMs, and underground hosting to happen.

The event also had Hands-On Lab sessions where attendees learned practical techniques in threat analysis. Other things tackled during the conference included technology and issues that are affecting businesses and industries.

DECODE is an annual conference organized by Trend Micro to disseminate knowledge on the latest cyber threats and new techniques that can be used to combat them. In September, Trend Micro conducted its first Trend Micro Certified Professional Program, a certification program for IT experts that provides hands-on training for fighting cyberattacks.

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