Torre Lorenzo: Designing sustainable communities for tomorrow

Over the last two decades, Torre Lorenzo Development Corporation (TLDC) embarked on fulfilling its vision of providing stylish and contemporary living spaces and elevating the lifestyles of Filipinos. First to bring Premium Student Residences in the country, TLDC has grown to become a dynamic, full-scale developer with mixed-use developments, leisure destinations, and townships across Manila, Lipa, and Davao.

With new exciting projects and partnerships in the pipeline, TLDC continues to work towards its vision and create an even stronger and more agile company, while being committed to creating value and growing sustainably. TLDC recognizes that as it builds developments in emerging urban centers, it has a responsibility not only to its clients, but also to the environment and the society where it operates.

For years, TLDC has been continuously learning and understanding which areas are impacted by its business and proactively takes steps in minimizing its impact where it can. “Sustainable growth affects not just ourselves. We acknowledge that it’s our responsibility to the community to create long-term value for the future generations,” said TLDC COO Cathy Casares-Ko. “We deliberately study and embed practical and impactful sustainable practices in the different facets of our operations and day-to-day activities.”

Responsible resource management 

The real estate industry plays a huge role in addressing environmental impacts from operations such as climate change, carbon emissions, urbanization, and depleting natural resources. The Company ensures strict and timely compliance with all pertinent social, environmental, and economic laws and regulations.

For TLDC, managing its environmental footprint goes beyond compliances and certifications.  “Key to our sustainability efforts is securing the support of our residential communities. Because we are a relatively young player in the real estate industry, we’re able to embrace new ideas and constantly innovate in terms of efficiently managing resource use in our buildings,” said Casares-Ko.

Its in-house property management team has been actively taking steps to monitor energy and water usage in its buildings. The Company has been implementing rainwater catchment across sites. The collected water is used for cleaning purposes. All the common areas in buildings have also been using LED lights for energy efficient lighting. Residents are regularly encouraged to conserve water and electricity through regular memos and newsletters. Moreover, TLDC also observes proper waste segregation in its buildings.

Wellness in design

While the pandemic has underscored the importance of health and wellness in building design, TLDC has long been innovating and building smarter to cater to the changing needs of its residents.

TLDC has incorporated functional spaces and amenities in its developments that help positively impact residents’ well-being. This includes open spaces in Sky Decks and Sky Lounges, and conducive study and meeting rooms. The building gyms are also equipped with complete and high-quality facilities to promote physical activity.

Furthermore, TLDC ensures improved air circulation in common areas using hospital-grade air purifiers. It maximizes natural ventilation where it can through operable windows and doors.

Improving people’s quality of life

TLDC maintains excellent customer service to ensure the quality living experience of residents. Safety protocols are constantly updated and enforced to ensure a safe environment.

Attuned to the times, TLDC utilizes technology to improve services where it can. It implements its hallmark RFID system in its buildings. A top-notch security feature, it provides an exclusive electronic access to residential units that ensures proper monitoring of residents’ entry and exit. It has also accelerated digital channels for payments and fees.

The Company will also be introducing a portal where building residents can easily do contactless transactions with the property management such as requests for work orders, amenities reservations, and requests for permits and gate passes, among others. This new system encourages efficient resource management and consequently improves ease of doing business with TLDC.

TLDC ensures that it gives back and contributes to the progress and development of the communities where it operates. It has put in place various social responsibility programs aimed at uplifting these communities. In Davao and Manila, the company works with partner communities for various livelihood and agricultural training programs as well as scholarships and education endowment.

Sustainable tourism 

Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation Resort, TLDC’s flagship leisure development in the Davao Gulf, is likewise committed to sustainable practices and combating climate change in its operations.

The island utilizes a sophisticated heat recovery system where the use of aircon in the private villas allows the resort to generate hot water for its guests. This water heating system drastically reduces energy consumption efficiently.

The resort also has a Sewer Treatment Plant (STP) where wastewater is treated to be used for irrigation. Likewise, the luxury island was purposely designed in a slope to drain elevation so that water naturally flows downstream to the sea minimizing the need for electric water pumps.

For its waste management, Lubi has its own Material Recovery Facilities (MRF) that supports waste segregation. Trash that can be recycled like plastic, paper, and glass are turned over to the local government for proper handling.

Environment-friendly transportation options are available in an effort to reduce overall fuel consumption. Electric vehicles are provided for guests while hotel staff use bicycles to move around.

In its goal to preserve marine life in the Davao Gulf, the Company has also built a coral and marine sanctuary in the Dusit Thani Lubi Plantation Resort.

Committed to create sustainable value

Consistent with its company tagline “designing for tomorrow”, TLDC always keeps an eye on the future. It stays ahead of the curve by anticipating the needs of its clients and taking deliberate steps towards achieving its goal to improve lives.

As the Company continues to grow, TLDC has embraced sustainability as a key business strategy. “We look forward to doing more and going deeper into our sustainability journey in the years to come. Beyond creating investment and financial value for our stakeholders, our success is reflected on how we are able to uplift the lives of our clients and employees, how we are able to contribute to the transformation of the communities where we operate in, and how we are able to protect the environment for the generations to come,” said Casares-Ko.

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