Top reasons why urban gardening is food for the mind and soul

The battle against COVID-19 still isn’t over, so people all over the world are trying to find ways on how they can improve their physical and mental well-being while staying at home. One big trend on social media, especially in the Philippines, is the rise of the plantitos and plantitas. According to an interview with Gugs Pabon, owner of SucculentsPH (an online store with 24 retail partners around the city), they have seen a 40% increase of buyers last March and it continued to grow from there. Ever wonder what benefits urban gardening can provide? Here are a few:

Plants are stress relievers. Not only does the idea of having your own produce and other living things in the house give a sense of relief, but also, the process of planting, caring for, and growing plants can lower your stress levels.

You reap what you sow. This proverb goes back to thousands of years ago, but it still holds true to this day. So just put all that positive energy into planting and enjoy the literal fruits of your labor once they’ve grown. (Not like that one ex whom you helped grow but it wasn’t you who reaped the benefits, yikes.)

Plants make you feel better, not bitter! Keep that feeling of comfort by seeing the greens around your home. According to color psychology, “green is thought to relieve stress and help heal”. So, instead of thinking about that ex, just plant more seeds, not negative feelings!

They’re like your beshies. When you feel alone, rely on your plant babies just like they’re your best friends! They depend on you, so of course, you can depend on them too. Your plants can keep your secrets, help you be calm, not judge you, and most importantly, provide for you!

Plants can reduce anxiety. Now that the world is still in the middle of a pandemic, it causes more anxiety to people. One way to manage it is by talking to your plants and guess what — it can also help their health and growth. So, it’s a win-win for both parties.

They give you hope. There is something beautiful about taking care of something and seeing it grow. Urban gardening can definitely give you that feeling of hope — that one day the seeds you planted will grow into something. (Again, not like your ex who gave you false hope; just channel that energy into planting instead, okay?)

They teach you patience, not test your patience. Growing those plant babies take time, effort, and some TLC. So, don’t get frustrated if your first try was a fail, keep going, and your plants will keep growing.

To foster positive engagement and unity within communities, the company launched the long-term advocacy program “Grow as One” campaign as a way to demonstrate ARC’s resiliency in the new normal. Under the initiative is “My Gulay Garden” that encourages consumers to reuse their recyclable RC Cola PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles as plant pots for fruits, vegetables, and herbs in the safety of their residential spaces.

Go take that first step and get some seeds. Keep planting and keep growing.

Written by Gabriel

Introvert, wanderer, blogger, foodie, a hip-hop music writer, and one of the co-founders of a tech start-up company called GigsManila.


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