Top political news and scandals of 2017

The new year 2018 is on the threshold already, and what can be the best moment for looking back and reflecting on the news and lessons of the ending year? No doubt, 2017 was a year rich for shocking political scandals and intriguing political news, so students of Political Science will have a plenty of material to write research papers and analyses about. While a good alphanumeric outline sample is a good start for any paper’s structure, this article contains an even more valuable aspect for any politics paper – a review of top political news of 2017 worth talking and writing about.

Canada: Scandalous Tax Changes

This year was noted in the Canadian politics with an unprecedented change in the politicians’ stance on taxes. Long expected and planned, the change finally came to the fore in practice. The Canadian Liberals finally shaped their proposition on tax reform and presented it to the government, causing much debate and confusion. The key idea behind the reform is to close essential loopholes in taxation, thus preventing rich Canadians from tax avoidance. This reform mainly touches upon the practice of “income sprinkling” – an opportunity of individuals with a high income to distribute it among family members, thus reducing the overall tax rates. Thus, the new proposed tax system is to expected to follow the progressive taxation model, which means that people who earn more are to pay more taxes as they can afford higher rates.

USA and the NATO

Another long-discussed and looming topic of the political climate of 2017 is Trump’s scandalous announcement of the USA exiting the NAFTA. This trade agreement has been determining much of the trade regulations and rates for many years, so Trump’s decision to tear the deal up was met with much surprise and confusion. The fate of the deal is still not clear, but Trump’s aggressive and in many aspects ungrounded demands for reconsidering the NAFTA rules for the USA may indeed soon end with the agreement’s termination. Especially significant is the impact of that decision on America’s trade with Mexico and Canada – its two closest neighbors. Though the change was planned with an intention to relieve some trade burdens and complications from the US businesses, the consequences and implications of the NAFTA withdrawal are much more complex than that. Thus, many changes are to come in the area of cross-border trading since the decision’s coming into force, and not all of them are good.

 The UK: Brexit Votes

body in Europe was the support of Brexit voiced by the majority vote in the UK this year. Though talks about the UK’s exit from the EU had been held for a long time before the referendum, its results were still shocking and triggered a complex and unpredictable process of the country’s withdrawal. The decision definitely weakened the EU, but it is too early to estimate the entire spectrum of consequences – the coming year is to show the situation in progressive development. One thing is clear – both the EU and the UK will experience hard times connected with this decision, while the magnitude of the issue is yet to be explored.

Global News: Sexual Harassment Wave

There’s hardly any news of the past few months that would be more audacious globally. After a couple of sporadic accusations of sexual misconduct starting in the Hollywood tenants targeted at Harvey Weinstein, the wave gained unexpected scale and magnitude, causing dozens of women in different countries and working in different public spheres to confess to being victimized by famous people. The tide was high, and it ruined the reputation of many outstanding men including a top-rated actor Kevin Spacey, the American GOP candidate Roy Moore, John Conyers, Trent Franks, etc. Even an actor with a solid reputation and a very positive image – Tom Hanks – faced some accusations of sexual misconduct. Thus, it may be said that men of all sorts faced an unprecedented wave of attacks from women they interacted with, and the issue of sexual misconduct and the limits of acceptable male behavior came back to the fore of attention in mass media.

Russia in the Spotlight

Since the times of the Ukrainian revolution of 2014 and Russia’s annexation of the Crimea, Russia has frequently been in the spotlight of mass media attention in connection with political events in the region. However, 2017 was marked with a new point in Russia’s popularity in the media. Since the time of Trump’s election as the US President, reporters repeatedly found the “Russian trace” in the elections’ outcomes. Even Hillary Clinton stated many times that her failure happened because of Russia’s secret assistance to Trump and Russian hackers’ interference into the count of voices. The claims about Russian manipulation of the US elections are still unbacked with any substantial evidence, but the news is long-lasting, and a serious FBI investigation is held on the subject, headed by the FBI Director Robert Mueller. Links that members of the Trump family have with Russians have also added intensity to the Russian scandal, as Trump’s oldest son met with the Russian lawyer in 2016 during the Presidential campaign.

The USA: Migration News

One of the first things that Donald Trump did after becoming the US President was to tighten the US immigration policy, and this theme dominated the migration politics news throughout the entire 2017. The US President’s decision to block entry to the USA for numerous Muslim countries’ citizens, his sharp stance towards migration from Mexico, and many related decisions are still in the spotlight, causing much debate and guesses about Trump’s next steps. The most scandalous issues of 2017 include the decision to build a huge wall on the border with Mexico, and Trump’s termination of the ‘green card’ lottery, so the aggressive change in the US migration policy will surely remain a hot issue in 2018.

Overall, these are the key news of 2017 that will continue affecting the world’s political landscape in 2018. The only thing to hope for is that the resolution of major problematic political issues will be sought, and the outcomes of political scandals will not affect the global politics adversely. Let’s wait and see what 2018 has in store for us!

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