The Top 10 Things To Know About Nike’s Redesigned Nike+ Training Club App


  1. IT’S BULKED UP – NTC now features 100+ new workouts: intelligent training routines designed by Nike Trainers, rooted in science and inspired by the world’s best athletes.
  2. IT ACCESSES YOUR INNER RORY MCILROY OR ALEX MORGAN – Redesigned for both men and women, the app adjusts to their varying needs and goals.
  3. IT’S ALL YOU – Personalized NTC plans deliver the ideal mix of workouts, balancing intensity and recovery based on fitness level and goals.
  4. IT HACKS EXCUSES – Adaptive Training adjusts to individual progress and busy, ever-changing schedules.
  5. NO PLATEAUS – Input is both automated and added by the user. NTC asks how hard a session was and adjusts the next workout accordingly.
  6. IT REPS YOU – Users are guided through every drill to highlight form and mitigate mistakes.
  7. IT KEEPS IT REAL – Users also get credit for out-of-app activities, like hikes, hoops or NRC runs to inform the adaptive plans.
  8. IT PLAYS THE FIELD – Weekly “featured athlete” workouts inspired by elite athletes invite users to mix it up.
  9. IT’S MADE FOR ‘MIRING – The app includes enhanced photo sharing, including 30+ stickers, plus tagging features, designed to inspire.
  10. IT REWARDS GAINS – Personalized product offers, NTC Live updates and a social activity feed populate the app to help maintain motivation.

The NTC App is available for download for iOS and Android devices. For more information and to download the app click here.

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