The Ultimate Custom Powerpoint Presentation

There is no better way to lose your audience than with a boring presentation. Let’s face it, meetings are rarely fun. They are a necessary evil, but they don’t have to be an exercise in tedium. By following a few tips, you can ensure that your audience is engaged during your next presentation.

Keep it Simple

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when creating presentations is to do too much. They try to include every fact on the slide and fill it with a ton of graphics, animations and music. This overwhelms your audience and makes them tune you out. Keep it simple with just a few words per slide, minimal graphics and no animations. Go picture heavy—if you are working with material that is better presented visually—selling a tropical vacation, for example—go heavier on the pictures and lighter on the words.

Make it Fun

Remember what we said about pictures? You want to entertain as well as inform. People love pictures and video. A short video will keep their attention and is more entertaining than lines of text. Use your presentation to highlight your information, not to deliver it. The majority of the information should come from your talk, with the presentation slides providing a visual component. Don’t make the slides do the work for you.

Keep it Short

Don’t spend more than one minute on any one slide. Limit your slide’s content to one topic only, show the slide and move on. Many people make the mistake of trying to cram several topics into each slide. If you do this, your audience will quickly read the slide ahead of you, then tune you out. Simply touch on a point, show your slide and move on to the next.

Use the Professionals

There are great companies that will develop custom powerpoint presentations on your behalf. Many of these companies will build a presentation for you from scratch or use a pre-made template. Simply give them your content and they will create a presentation that will wow and amaze. This is best for someone who wants to deliver an effective presentation but lacks the time or resources to put together a full program.

When it comes to delivering presentations that will both educate and entertain, the key is to keep things simple, light and fun. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, make your next presentation a hit.

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