The true power of Veger Power Bank VP-1019 10000mAh is in our reach now

There is no denying to the fact that aside from our phones, power bank is also considered as a necessity nowadays especially when it comes to smartphones and tablets that need to recharge its battery at least once a day.

Because of this demand, multiple companies were encouraged to develop and sell their own version of the power bank.


The layout design of the packaging is simple with some necessary information about the power bank printed on it. The consumer can also open and lift the front cover of the box to reveal the product and see how the actual unit looks like before buying it.

Inside the box are a Veger 10000mAh Power Bank, USB-A to micro USB Cable, Warranty Card, and a Product Component Introduction Card which guides the customer to the different ports and functions they can see in the power bank.

Design and Ergonomics

Veger VP-1019 has an ultra-thin aluminum design. It comes with a 4-point LED indicator for charge levels.

It has a comes with dual charging ports, Lighting Input 5V/1.5A, and Micro USB 5V/2A while it has 1 regular USB outlet.

Its dimension is 134x70x14.3m, and it’s weight, its only 235 grams.

Superior Circuit Protection

Veger is equipped with VP-1019 that has six charging protection features to keep it safe from overheat, overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit, or input anti-reverse, overcharging or over discharging while the power bank is being used by a device or while charging it.

With the unique feature that was mentioned, a consumer can rest assured that its device is protected while using the power bank and vice versa.

Genuine Product Verification

Veger has made some anti-fake campaign initiatives and solutions for consumers to know if the product they bought is authentic or original.

First, you’ll see a Veger 100% original gold foil sticker which is located on the top right of the box. Next is a transparent sticker with Veger logo that seals the box at the top portion. Finally, at the back of the box is a noticeable green label sticker with a Veger logo, a QR code with a scratch coating below it that will reveal a 16-digit code.

Input the code in Veger’s anti-fake online checker, it will let you know if it’s 100% original Veger product.


In today’s world power banks have become a norm and most of us need it. It’s good that we have more options to choose for.

Veger VP-1019 can charge iPhone Xs 3 times, Galaxy S9 2 times, and iPad Air 3 1 time

We can now experience and test the latest power bank, Veger VP 1019 10000mAh model, as it is now available in the market.

Veger VP-1019 1000mAh price is 1699 and it is available in the variance of Black, Silver, and Rose Gold.

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