The Shacman Supremacy

The perfect truck for the needs of the Philippine market, the Shacman X3000, has finally arrived!

The Shacman X3000 is the new standard for logistical transportation. A product of 51 years of continuous technological innovation, the Shacman X3000 is built from the world’s top components and assemblies. The Shacman X3000 is manufactured according to the most stringent European quality control standards and is the first Chinese truck to pass the European ECE-R29 standard heavy truck collision test. Shacman X3000 trucks boasts many new innovations that definitively upgrades and increases performance, efficiency, and comfort.

The X3000 is equipped with the environment-friendly CUMMINS ISM CELECT® ENGINE (11-liter 6-cylinder in-line, turbo Euro IV). This engine series, from Cummins Inc., comes with the patented Cummins CELECT® System- a fuel control system designed for heavy-duty engines to lower overall fuel consumption. It manages the truck’s fuel system through the on-board Engine Control Module (ECM) creating a more fuel economic truck. Made with a life-to-overhaul goal ONE MILLION kilometers, its simple yet reliable construction puts the Cummins ISM CELECT® at the forefront of heavy-duty engine design.

The X3000 is also built with the FAST twin countershaft Manual Transmission (available in 12 or 10 speed). This is proudly produced by the FAST Group, which is the largest specialized manufacturer and exporter of heavy-duty auto transmissions, auto gears, forgings and castings. The heavy-duty clutch system used for this transmission, on the other hand, is produced by EATON Corp., another worldwide leading supplier.

The X3000 also makes use of various components of WABCO Braking Technology (Anti-lock Braking System for selected models, large braking chambers). WABCO Holdings Inc. is reputed to be one of the world’s leading braking system suppliers for commercial vehicles which help control the entire platform.

Apart from these premium features, the X3000 is built with heavy-duty multi-leaf spring suspension system for longer operational life. It has a four-point air suspension system with transverse shock absorber; a four-way adjustable steering wheel; and, a wide approach angle, ideal for off-road use, particularly in mining sites.

The X3000 is also very stylish given the aerodynamic cabin design that contributes to meet European Standards. It’s comfortable and ergonomic cabin interior also addresses driver fatigue. It also has airbag driver seat suspension and comfortable and wide sleeping beds made of high-quality material. It even has its own entertainment system.

The X3000 cabin is also equipped with quality of life features present in the automotive industry. It features an insulation for both sound and temperature (heat/cold) with a double seal design for dust and rain. It has Valeo Zexel air conditioning technology with automatic climate control. It also bears a 220-volt onboard inverter power supply; 4-in-1 Key for keyless entry; central door locks, fuel tank lock; and, urea box lock.

The versatility and adaptability of Shacman X3000 trucks are second to none. They are available in different models and variants: 4×2 6-wheeler and 6×4 10-wheeler Tractor Head; X3000 6×2 10-wheeler Rigid Truck Cab & Chassis and 32-footer Wing Van; X3000 6×4 10-wheeler and 8×4 12-wheeler Dump Trucks; H3000 6×4 10-wheeler and 8×4 12-wheeler Cement Mixer Truck.

The unsurpassed quality and value for money associated with Shacman trucks have made it highly coveted in more than 90 countries. With the brisk sales and remarkable demand for the new Shacman X3000 trucks around the globe, it is undeniable that when it comes to trucks, the Shacman truly reigns supreme!

To know more about the X3000 and the other Shacman trucks, contact its distributor All Range Trucks, an affiliate of Sobida Motors, at contact number +63 2 8732-5181, or visit their website or through their official Facebook page.

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