The Perfect Pet According to Your Personality!

Thinking of getting a pet but can’t decide on what species? Other than weighing your commitments and making practical arrangements, the type of pet you get can be decided on by analysing your own personality! Are you outgoing or introverted? Have any weird secret kinks or a unique personality? Know yourself better before you buy a pet. We’ve got the lowdown on how you can pick the pet that is most suited to your personality:

  1. Dogs

There are many dog-people in this world and most of them have quite a few things in common, other than not minding slobber everywhere. Get a dog if you have the energy to deal with a constantly moving ball of fur that won’t leave you alone. You also have to be quite forgiving, especially at the toilet training part. Dog people are also usually more sociable or at least can bear to talk to other human beings. When you’re walking your dog and your pet decides to make a doggie friend by sniffing butt, you’re probably going to have to make some small talk with the other dog owner. Same with your pet groomer, vet and dog training school instructor. Having a dog forces you to get out there so choose it as a pet if you think you’re up for this challenge or if you’re already naturally friendly and keen to mingle!

  1. Cats

Cat-people are what most people think of as the anti-thesis of dog people. Quiet, comfort –loving creatures which will need a master or mistress who is contented to stay at home curled up on the sofa. Cats can be rather temperamental and independent so they need their alone time. If you’re someone who is just like that, a cat will be your best friend and ideal housemate. They’re also very clean and groom themselves regularly which means they’re comparatively low-maintenance.

  1. Fish

Keeping fish might sound easy but they’re actually very high-maintenance especially if your fish tanks are large. Cleaning them out every weekend is no joke so this is definitely for people with time on their hands. Because fish are mostly ornamental, it’s great for people who are stressed or have anxiety issues. Coming home to just watch your fish swim around is a good way to relax yourself. Definitely a very calming activity for the end of the day – enjoy the silence and the visual sight of water, bubbles and fish.

  1. Rodents

Their family name doesn’t sound very pretty but this includes rabbits, chinchillas, hamsters and gerbils. Fluffy creatures that are kept in a cage are perfect for little children to look at and be entertained. If you’re an adult, you probably like cute round animals that you can pet and coo at. Your favourite colour is probably pink, lavender and other pastel shades. Naturally, an aesthetically pleasing creature which is great for girls who like taking pictures of their pets!

  1. Birds

A friend of mine said that birds are for self-centred and selfish people who don’t care about their neighbours. Indeed, a bird’s chirping and clacking can drive anyone crazy but jokes asides, if you’re someone who can deal with a noisier environment, then a bird is great. They are a popular pet for the retirement age crowd who often lament the silence and loneliness of their home. Alternatively, if you like to sing or talk a lot, a bird would be great company, especially a parrot.

  1. Terrapins and Tortoises

Another popular childrens’ pet! The longevity of this pet makes it a good companion or for the tender-hearted who can’t bear to part with their pets when their time’s up. A little tortoise might change the perspective of a lazy person who has no aim or ambition – seeing their pet crawl around in its tank and knowing it’s going to stay that way for years will hopefully scare them into caring more about their own life. If you need a pet to remind yourself to stop being a bum or a loser, this might be the one.

  1. Reptiles

If you are even considering this, you might have some strange fetishes or kinky habits that you keep secret. The furtive and passive-aggressive movements of a cold-blooded pet can only be appreciated by an owner with his/her own… unusual inclinations. You might also have a longing for power and are more cunning in personality than you would like to admit. You’re probably more intelligent and contemplative than most, but with an intimidating aura, topped off with a mean streak.

  1. Insects

This is bordering on sociopathic considering how many people in this world loathe and fear insects. Your mother would not be very happy with your less-than-adorable pet. You might or might not like to scare people with practical jokes, and you’re probably the least squeamish out of all your friends

  1. Illegal Pets

A daredevil at heart, you don’t care what your government says about pets that are not allowed. It’s your own home; you’ll rear whatever you want! From endangered species to dangerous pets like scorpions – anything that is controversial will pique your interest. Or maybe you’re just a hipster desperate to stand out from the crowd with your unusual pet.

Regardless of what sort of pet you decide on, remember to always be kind to them and be a responsible owner! Research on the best way to care for them and always make sure they are in good health. Even if your lifestyle can’t accommodate a pet in future, make sure your pet is passed on to good hands. People who abandon pets are not cool!

What do you think?

Written by Joey

Makeup enthusiast, a great shopper, and a dog-lover. She writes for the local shopping deal site ShopBack.


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