The Importance of Customized Awards

In every institution, home, or company, there is always a special space dedicated for awards, and more specifically, trophies and plaques. In most professional offices, especially in the legal fraternity, the first thing a visitor sees is a wall dedicated to certificates. On the other hand, success in athletics and recognition from federal governments is in the form of medals. In all these scenarios, one thing is clear: a physical representation of awards is important and irreplaceable. In each category, each specific award is highly customized. For most rewards, however, the concept of customization is absent, and this lowers the value of the recognition. Fortunately, is a game changer in customized plaques, medals, certificates, and, more importantly, trophies.

Why invest in customized awards?

The following are some of the benefits of customized awards.

  • Customized awards are one-step to teamwork

In any organization, the value of collaboration is key to the overall realization of the institution blueprint. In the realist world, it is extremely hard to introduce teamwork, especially in the world where there is massive inter-competition between employees. However, customized awards can help the organization to achieve a more united workforce. One of the approaches organizations have adopted is to create inter-department awards where the best department is given an award.

If departments maintain a healthy competition with the aim of winning awards, the company will organically achieve a more stable and organized workforce. However, the awards, in this case, must be highly customized to avoid the notion of ‘substandard awards.’

  • Rewarding employees with customized rewards is one-step to retaining and attracting new talents  

Although the world of human resource is home to some of the best employees, getting talented individuals is a sport. Poaching of talents is now a widely recognized practice and companies are willing to do everything in order to get the best talent. Rewarding is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to retain talents.

On the other hand, talented individuals are more likely to join institutions that recognize their best employees as opposed to where there are no awards. The quality of an award is also a factor when people are deciding which organization to join. It means, therefore, that the more an award is customized, the higher the chances of attracting new talent.

  • Customized awards signify success 

Regardless of one’s occupation, any award signifies success.  It is the dream of every person to have a unique representation of an award. According to a 2010 research, the more an award is unique, the more the recipient is likely to preserve it, even keeping it for generations. The research gives illustrations of major awards, such as the Grammys awards, which have unique trophies and certificates. Therefore, an award is as valuable as its customization.

  • Customized awards increase work morale and productivity

Since the main motivation of awards is to encourage people to be more productive, customized awards are a solution to productivity. The human nature is complex but psychology points out that rewards and more importantly unique awards help employees dedicate more time and attention to the growth of the institution. In the education world, customized awards help scholars to invest more time in research and molding young minds.

Tips on creating customized awards

  1. Understand your brand

Understanding your brand is an important place to start when creating customized awards. The trophies, plaques, and certificates should resemble your niche as much as possible. There are many symbols to use and this should not limit you in the selection process. The main purpose of this stage is to make the awards as customized as possible without losing the brand identity.

  1. Getting inspirations from other awards is ok, but copying is not

Experts point out that there is nothing new in the world of rewards but you should approach it with caution. Unfortunately, the line between great and customized awards and average awards is too small. In a world of many awards and access to information, borrowing ideas and concepts is important.

  1. Commission professionals to design and create awards

Once you have an idea about the rewards, it is important to commission a professional company (with experience on awards) to polish up the concept. A professional company, in this case, is important in giving the reward a professional touch and in return make ideal trophies, plaques, and certificates.

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