The HUAWEI WATCH 3: What makes this exquisite smartwatch standout from the crowd

In the era of digitalization, watches now play a role that speaks more as a mere timepiece. Smartwatches are all the rage now – involving from a simple device to a complex gadget that has capabilities to ensure users are in the peak of health with added features for tracking, monitoring, and now even extending to connectivity.

Huawei’s latest premium wearable innovation, the HUAWEI WATCH 3 delivers offerings incomparable to other smartwatches available today in the market. The HUAWEI WATCH 3 is built on its stylish aesthetic, rotating crown on the watch face, all-day health management like SpO2 monitoring and skin temperature, 3 days battery life on smart mode and up to 14 days battery life under the ultra-long battery life mode, and of course, the first-ever eSIM cellular calling technology – there’s definitely more to this smartwatch.

The HUAWEI WATCH 3 offers more to the table with features powered by all-new HarmonyOS. This operating system gives all-new updates on the HUAWEI WATCH 3 that help redefine digital timepieces.

First up is its standalone communication system with eSIM technology. This innovation entitles users to add their very own eSIM unto the device, enabling the smartwatch to cater to your registered mobile number wherein users can now answer and receive calls and messages from your wrist! You can also enjoy same data plans listed from your smartphone to your smartwatch without the need to keep switching devices. MeeTime on the HUAWEI WATCH 3 is easily accessible as well, after your eSIM has been activated – you also have the liberty to transfer your call from your watch to your Huawei smartphone, tablets to a Huawei smart television such as the Huawei Vision S.

The HUAWEI WATCH 3 is is also activated with ‘Celia’ – Huawei’s very own voice assistant. This enables users to use the different features of the device without a touch!


The HUAWEI WATCH 3 gives you the best out of your game with its daily monitoring and 100+ workout modes which also include 17 professional workout modes, 12 outdoor workouts and 7 indoor workouts – so you’re pretty sure that whatever activity you’re into, you’ll be able to conquer even more.

Aside from this, Huawei knows that body temperature is not only one of the basic vital signs, but also an important health indicator. Since the pandemic, the ‘new normal’ has made people pay more attention to their body temperature. The HUAWEI WATCH 3 comes with a new high-precision temperature sensor that detects skin temperature on the wrist as well as ambient temperature.

Washing hands thoroughly is very important, especially during the global pandemic, that’s why the HUAWEI WATCH 3 is equipped with an accelerometer, gyroscope, and a microphone to provide multiple sensing capabilities, including automatic handwashing detection. Based on the acceleration, gyroscope and sounds picked up by the microphone, HUAWEI WATCH 3 can detect handwashing and duration. Only when it lasts for 20 seconds or longer, a successful handwashing note will pop up.

The HUAWEI WATCH 3 supports Huawei’s newly upgraded TruSeen™ 4.5 heart rate monitoring technology. It also features a 6-in-1 LED lens and a design that allows for more light intake. As the lens is made of sapphire glass and it’s seamlessly installed on the ceramic back of the watch, HUAWEI WATCH 3 allows for better light penetration, lower power performance, as well as a comfortable wearing experience. Coupled with Huawei’s advanced algorithms, heart rate monitoring accuracy is greatly improved on HUAWEI WATCH 3 with a 24-hour continuous monitoring feature to help users learn about their heart rate in real time. During workouts, accurate heartrate monitoring helps users exercise in a more scientific and healthy way.

In addition to automatic continuous SpO2 monitoring, HUAWEI WATCH 3 lets users take single measurements as well. In extreme conditions such as high mountains and cold environments, the HUAWEI WATCH 3 helps users to better determine their current physical condition and tell them whether they need to have some rest to avoid physical injuries. HUAWEI TruSleep™ 2.0 monitors user’s sleep quality throughout the night, offering real-time heart rate monitoring, sleep breathing quality and big data analysis to score the sleep quality. These data help users to improve their sleep quality and get a good night of sleep easily and soundly.

Stress is a problem for the younger generation, one of the most repeated sentences being, “I’m so tired.” To combat this problem, HUAWEI WATCH 3 performs 24/7 stress monitoring based on HUAWEI TruRalex™ to take care of user’s health. Users can also release pressure through breathing exercise according to their own situation and adjust their mind. Enjoy these health features by connecting your amazing smartwatch to the HUAWEI Health APP.


HUAWEI WATCH 3 can achieve 3-day long battery life in smart mode, and 14 days in ultra-long battery life mode. Longer battery life ensures that users can wear it all day, use it continuously, and use it all the time even during sleep. Whether users are wearing it for workouts, meetings, or sleeping, HUAWEI WATCH 3 is always connected and offers support in any of your daily activities.

Huawei’s smart wearables pioneered the dual-core architecture in 2015. Based on the dual-core architecture, Huawei wearables achieve the perfect balance between performance and battery life, offering two-week battery life for the HUAWEI WATCH GT series. HUAWEI WATCH 3 also adopts a dual-core architecture. The two chips jointly power the display and switch seamlessly, enabling high performance while saving power to the greatest extent according to the actual usage.

The HUAWEI WATCH 3 retails in the Philippines with a price tag of Php 18,999 and is available on HUAWEI Experience Stores, authorized retail stores, Huawei Online Store, Lazada, and Shopee.

*Only the Active / Black strap variant is available in the Philippines

For more info about this amazing product, visit Huawei’s official website.


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