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L-R: Film Development Council of the Philippines’ Chairman. Liza B. Dino-Seguerra, TeamAsia Content Director Cid Santillan, Singer and Actor Ice Seguerra, Eleksyon 2022 Koalisyon Regi To Vote National Communications Head Paul John Mendoza Peña during the ‘Rainbow Family breakout session.

After battling over a year of the pandemic, one answer becomes clear — a mother’s work in her household should not go unnoticed. This was emphasized during MommaCon 2021, a two-day virtual event hosted by award-winning integrated marketing firm, TeamAsia, which happened last September 11 and 18 via Zoom.

The event ultimately culminated the many changes that mothers have experienced over the past year, highlighting it as a year of “challenges, opportunities and discoveries” which the online world has brought upon them. With all these learnings, MommaCon explored hard conversations surrounding motherhood and womanhood, exchanged best practices, and further educated fellow mothers on finance, self-care, and legal matters, enabling them to become smarter decision-makers and stronger pillars of their household.

In a span of two days, MommaCon brought 46 powerful women and men leaders together, who have advocated and brought great value on motherhood, to discuss their insights tying back into this year’s theme, Modern Online Mom. The topics were made to encourage mothers of all ages and backgrounds — uniting them and enabling them to listen to each other’s life stories and struggles, while also having an equal space for women to support other women.

For MommaCon day one, the speakers included: Catherine Salceda-Ileto, James Ileto, Rona and Eric Tai, Atty. Ronald Espino, Ida Tiongson, Paula Salvosa, Jeannine M Roxas, Cid Santillian, Paul John Mendoza Pena, Usec. Mary Liza B. Dino, Ice Seguerra, Chef Bambi Ingal, Wandalyn Tan-Calupig, Anna Magkawas, Zarah Juan, Mylene Abiva, Annalyn Aban, Sofia Celyn Aba, Jenny Beato, Aleana Dennisse Beato, and Marilen Montenegro.

L-R: Film Development Council of the Philippines’ Chairman. Liza B. Dino-Seguerra, TeamAsia Content Director Cid Santillan, Singer and Actor Ice Seguerra, Eleksyon 2022 Koalisyon Regi To Vote National Communications Head Paul John Mendoza Peña during the ‘Rainbow Family breakout session.

The first day went off on a high note as President and Founder of Richprime Global Inc. Myrna Yao opened up about how she prevailed as a woman in a male dominated world. The day was then followed by a series of breakout sessions and was then capped off by a single-minded proposition Founder of Global Woman Mirela Sula left attendees with: ”Make an investment in yourself.”

L-R: Global Woman Club Founder & CEO Mirela Sula and TeamAsia Managing Director Bea Lim

“The best investment that you can do is the investment in yourself. Because by investing in yourself, you are investing in your child. A child wants a momma that is confident, who knows her freedom, who knows her power, who knows her potential, and who is there for them when they need them but also gives them the freedom to explore the world without telling them to go here or go there,” Mirela shared.

Day two was not shy of powerful topics as well, the day started with keynote speaker Rosario Cajucom-Bradburry who discussed the importance of embracing inclusivity “When my son told me he was gay, I will not deny that mayroon kurot sa puso ko, sa puso ng isang ina. Not because nanghihinayang ako sa pagka gwapo niya but because I have become very worried of a bumpy road ahead of him. The world is not always kind and is not always accepting.”

Rosario added, “But I’m so proud that he is confident in his own skin — fierce and fearless. I realize that I am also evolving with him as a mom in mom leadership. To be a mom is the same as being a leader in the corporate world but only this time, we are more purposeful with intense passion, commitment and emotional strength.”

Among the speakers of day two were Khalida Sae Kani, Louie Teng, Atty. Allen Espino, Elma Reka, Buster and Rayla Allertsen, Atty. Desiree Macaraeg, Neha Oberoi, Francisco Niño Savellano, Jen Mayuga Cruz, JV Wong, Chinie Nepomuceno-Concepcion, Kate Bellosilo, Atty. Lorna Kapunan, Faye Candao, Dazl and Renato Silverio-Doria, Maulik and Tonichi Parekh, Michelle Aventajado, Sol Bautista, and Flotirda Kecani.

L-R: TeamAsia President and Founder Monette Iturralde-Hamlin, power couples Atty. Allen and Ronald Espino, James Ileto and Catherine Salceda-Ileto, and Eric and Rona Tai during their panel entitled ‘What’s a woman’s worth’

Similarly, the event proceeded with its own breakout sessions and was concluded by President and CEO of Asia CEO Events, Rebecca Bustamante and her heart warming journey from rags to riches.

Through the powerful stories and experiences that were told during MommaCon, President and Founder of TeamAsia, Monette Iturralde-Hamlin highlighted, “We all carry our moms with us, which means we all carry that strength and resilience as well.” Monette ended the program with a tribute to her own mother, and an invitation to mothers to continue the conversation at the MommaCon community.

“We always believe in taking the next big step and with MommaCon, there is only going up from here. We want to be able to find more moms and let them be part of our platform where they can freely discuss topics that are important and valuable to them and ultimately empower each other. There is no greater gift than celebrating our mothers and all the hard work they have put to get us where we are today,” Monette concluded.

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