The Gift That Keeps On Giving This Holiday Season

Generosity has always been the theme of the holiday season in the Philippines. Christmas, in fact, has long been synonymous to the Season of Giving.

It starts with giving the gift of Time. Once the –Ber months roll around, holiday plans start to come into play as people carve out time to be with those they care about the most. Some start making plans to buy plane tickets or bus tickets to head home to their families for a few days to spend precious time with them during Christmas. Corporate workers file vacation leaves months in advance, sacrificing possible pay days just so on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day the whole family is complete. Everyone also takes time off from their regular work schedules to devote a few hours to company Christmas parties. The season of giving sees people going out of their way to spend time with other people to give them the gift of cheer.

During this season, people also give the gift of Attention. The attention to detail of every Christmas decoration big and small, from the quaintest houses to the biggest malls, all show just how much the holiday season means to everyone. From festive lights to cheerful music, one can feel the Christmas spirit in the air everywhere they go. Back at home, the attention to detail that homemakers put into every Noche Buena dish – from the meticulous menu planning to the careful shopping and all the way to the long hours of preparation – show their devotion to preparing the perfect holiday spread so that everyone has an enjoyable celebration. The season of giving is also one of the best times to showcase the pinnacle of Filipino hospitality.

Finally, it’s not the holidays without the unspoken, almost expected, ‘Oh, you shouldn’t have!’ holiday gifts. Practically tradition, the exchange of Christmas gifts for friends and loved ones involves a year-long preparation of thinking of the perfect present. Some painstakingly save up for them while others push through the year in a labour of love all to get their 13th month pay to purchase them. From corporate monito-monita gift exchanges to extended clan Secret Santas, the season of giving bears witness to the Filipinos that put effort in finding the perfect gift to show exactly how much they care.

This Christmas season, International Elevator & Equipment, Inc. (IEE), A Group Company of Mitsubishi Electric, invites you to give the gift that keeps on giving. While spending precious quality time at home with your loved ones, enjoying every bit of décor, and delighting in every item on the Noche Buena menu, keep the holiday celebrations cool as you keep the warmth of family togetherness with investment-worthy air conditioning units. Give the whole family a relaxing time with Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners that offer cool comfort, better airflow and ventilation, and energy-saving, environment-friendly features all year round. What’s more, it also comes with quick and easy installation, quality after-sales service, and hassle-free maintenance any time you need.

Let your loved ones head home with the gift of comfort for years and years of holidays to come. Because when you have a Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner installed, you’ll really feel Christmas in the air.

Since 1969, IEE has handled the design, sales, installation, and maintenance of Mitsubishi Electric elevators and escalators in the Philippines, and expanded into the air conditioning market in 1978. IEE continues to work hard in bringing the brand of technological innovation and excellent engineering services that customers have grown to trust throughout the years.

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