The Domino Effect of Employee Happiness

Happiness is contagious. A kind word, positive news, or a smile can not only make a difference in someone else’s day, but can also determine the success of entire business operations.

Teledirect Telecommerce, with its very low monthly average attrition rate of only 3 percent, is a learning example of a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company that has raised the benchmark when it comes to building employee happiness that in turn translates to excellence in customer service delivery.

“We want to be acknowledged as the best boutique provider of customized BPO solutions. To do this, first we hire the right people, whose motivation is aligned with our company values,” shared Vanessa Maningas, Teledirect’s People Director.

“Second, we believe that the simplest yet the most effective way to make our clients happy is to make our employees happy.”

Teledirect is one of the BPO firms that go through leaps and bounds to integrate employee happiness into its organizational and business strategy. It’s not only to encompass critical areas in the employee retention scheme such as offering above average compensation and benefits, rewards and recognition, and career development opportunities, but also in its continuous efforts to foster a high-quality work environment and a caring culture.

“Valued employees return that positive vibe in a domino effect that reflects in their performance and throughout the organization. Even if we are confident that our employees are now more satisfied, happiness will always be a work in progress. We need to continue with our efforts, keep listening to our people, keep improving,” explained Vanessa.

Leaders Walk the Talk

To ensure authenticity in its culture, Teledirect leaders walk the talk in ingraining compassion and humility throughout the organization. “Our leaders reinforce the right values, behaviour, and attitude. They provide an example worth emulating through their words and actions. This helps shape the culture of the organization,” said Vanessa.

Personally, Vanessa can vouch for how contagious a culture of caring can get and is fulfilled to be one of the leaders at the helm of keeping authenticity.

“We may have hired some people who were not used to a caring culture but gradually changed when they began work here. When someone made you feel happy at work, you will tend to do the same thing for others. Personally, this is my daily goal, to make someone happy even in the littlest of ways.

When I go around, I see how people treat each other, I see smiles everywhere. When people approach me and say how happy they are or when I get to hear stories about employees who feel proud and grateful to be part of Teledirect, that’s when I know we are on the right track,” shared Vanessa.

Employees as Brand Ambassadors

Continuous improvements in the employment retention programs and authentic culture of inclusiveness in the company have resulted in employees simply wanting to #BeHappier which is Teledirect’s employer brand and corporate mantra that encapsulates its goals toward employee happiness.

Aside from low attrition, the company scored 90 percent in the employee satisfaction survey that it ran last year. Teledirect was also able to sustain a 50 percent share from the employee referral program which showed that the employees are the true ambassadors of the company. Teledirect was also recently awarded as one of the “Best Companies to Work for in Asia” by HR Asia, the most authoritative publication for Senior HR Professionals in the region.

Headquartered in Singapore, Teledirect Telecommerce has seven office locations across Asia and Europe namely in Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Spain, and the Philippines. Since 1995, the company has implemented over 5,000 successful programs and has a customer acquisition record of 3 million.

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