The Best Apps for Football Games Delivered

Football season is in full swing, and you’ll need just the right apps if you want to keep up with all the games. From delivery pizza specials to fantasy football games, these apps will help you track your favorite teams, your favorite players, and even your favorite pizza this season.


What better app to keep track of all the college and NFL scores than the top-ranked sports network itself? ESPN’s app offers both free and paid versions that cover everything from the scores and schedules to news and rumors of trades and other football-related information. You can even use the app to track your fantasy football games. If you need a streaming service, ESPN also offers a plus app that allows you to stream some of the biggest college games on television.


Of course, if you’re big into the NFL teams, you can’t skip the NFL app. The organization’s app offers a complete entertainment package that tracks even the smallest football games and team updates. Use it to track your favorite team, track scores in real-time, and catch up on other important NFL news. One of the best things about the NFL app is its customization apps. Choose which games you receive alerts for, which videos to watch, and much more after downloading.

Pizza Delivery

You can’t have a football game without pizza and beer. Most national pizza chains (and even some hometown ones) have downloadable apps now. Use the apps to browse the menu, place orders, and even track how close they are to your house. Apps often provide additional coupons or allow you to use rewards programs to earn free pizza or appetizers as well. The hardest part will be deciding which food to order when you have everyone together to watch a game.

Thuuz Sports

If you’re looking for a totally free football app, you’ll want to check out Thuuz Sports. It has all the basics you’d pay for with a higher-end app, including schedules, scores, and player or team states. It has additional features, too, though. Use Thuuz Sports to share your favorite sports moments, track your fantasy football teams, get alerts about your most important games, and so much more. This app even rates live games on a scale of 0-100. The higher the rating, the more exciting the game is, making it easier for you to decide which one to tune your TV to. Thuuz Sports is ad-based, but most users say the ads do not take away from the user experience.


Are you someone who prefers not to have too many apps on your device but also follows more than one sport? SofaScore is an excellent football app that also provides coverage for soccer, hockey, and a range of other sports from all around the world. You’ll even find rugby and volleyball on SofaScore, which offers both a free and paid version. Pick which sports you want to track and the app handles the rest. You’ll be able to keep track of schedules, scores, and so much more, making this app a true experience for sports nuts.

Whether you need to track a score or track pizza order, you can’t skip the apps on this all-encompassing list. Choose one or choose them all to keep track of your favorites this football season!

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