TFC myREMIT pays homage to the life journey of overseas Filipinos in “My Dad’s 15 Years”

As the world paid homage to the pillars of each home on Father’s Day, ABS-CBN Global Ltd. subsidiary EMPI, through its brand TFC myREMIT continues to pay tribute to the hard sacrifices and sweet successes of fathers based outside the homeland, via the video “My Dad’s 15 Years.”

The four-minute video tribute is part of TFC myREMIT’s campaign to celebrate its 15 years.  As the remittance service marks its decade and a half of service to overseas Filipinos, it also pays tribute to each year that every father or every OF for that matter, toils or triumphs in a foreign land.  True to its tag, “Ibang Magmalasakit ang Kapamilya,” TFC myREMIT goes beyond remittance to show how it accompanies each Filipino in his journey overseas and try to capture how far they would go for family.

Eric Martin Santos, EMPI Global Marketing Remittance Head, explains “’My Dad’s 15 Years’ is not just a simple meter that measures the years of sacrifices our Kapamilyas endure work overseas but it also celebrates an important milestone in the life of an overseas Filipino as he starts achieving a better life for his family, himself and also his community.”  He adds, “I have been hearing of accounts of people who have watched the video and the way they were moved validates how the team has effectively captured how bittersweet it is to be an OF, let alone to be a father to a loving family left back home.”

Since its inception in 2000, TFC myREMIT has established its presence overseas in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom to serve the remittance needs of overseas Filipinos.  TFC myREMIT has been continuously innovating ways to make remitting accessible, fast and even extraordinary with myREMIT One and Remit-A-Gift service.  Beyond its reach and services, TFC myREMIT has also recognized the OFs who have made it overseas through “Pamilya Ko, Buhay Ko” which paid tribute to OFs who succeeded in their own ways and paid it forward to their families and chosen communities.

On its 15th year of service, TFC myREMIT launched the video tribute which shows a father who sacrifices his own happiness for the future of his family.  The video details how a father, out of love for his son, toils in order to bring him comfort.  Before he leaves for work overseas, the father, makes a tearful farewell to his bunso whom he wouldn’t see for a long time.  Most importantly, the video highlights how a father endures years of physical separation in order to provide for his family.  The video ends with poignant scene of how the son, now fully grown, aids his father, now aged from the years of labor and sacrifice, but happy to be reunited back home.

Raymond Abog, Remittance Business Unit Head makes an allusion on the remittance brand and every OF: “Like TFC myREMIT, every OFs’ journey has progressed.  ABS-CBN, via subsidiary ABS-CBN Global Ltd. and EMPI, started to provide basic remittance service to cater to the needs of overseas Filipinos. Now with its brand TFC myREMIT, we face many challenges, like the OFs, as we continue to serve and expand in countries across the globe.  But, we remain focused on our mission and constantly think of ways to deliver what is expected of us and even beyond.”

“My Dad’s 15 Years” was produced by TFC’s Marketing Communications team composed of Jay Santiago, Audie Avecilla Riola, Jocelyn Mendiola, Charles Bautista, Jed Segovia, Cristina Verano, Francis Lua, Rowena Lucero, Paz Valera, and Cayla Ursabia under the supervision of Head of Marketing Services of ABS-CBN Global Ltd. Pamela Castillo and ABS-CBN Corporation Head of Creative Communications Management Roberto Labayen.

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