Teledirect Telecommerce shares key to success: Employee happiness

Imagine working in an office reminiscent of tech companies in the USA but in a business process outsourcing (BPO) setting in the Philippines. The perks are bound to be generous, the recreation programs, personalized, and the office, fun and unique.

This type of work culture, combined with intrinsic values such as sound leadership and compassion, are a few of the ideal organizational traits that increase employee happiness that correlates to productivity.

Premium boutique BPO company Teledirect Telecommerce is taking all of these in mind as it aims to retain its unparalleled status as employer of choice. For 23 years, the company has earned over 180 regional and international industry awards; prominent of them are its recognitions for Human Resources and employee retention programs. An example of this is the “Best Employer Brand Award” that Teledirect consecutively received in Malaysia in 2018 and in 2019.

“We intend on continuing our talent acquisition, people development and engagement efforts. We also aim to keep our Asian DNA that represents our hospitality and is welcoming of diversity. It’s a vital part of who we are,” explained Vanessa Faye Garcia, Head of Client Solutions at Teledirect Philippines.

Teledirect offices has “Welcome Home” signages and stuffed toys. It has a look and feel of a comfy home or a coffee shop. Either way, it’s perfect for huddles and for inspiring creativity.

With roots in Singapore, Teledirect has expanded to a total of eight countries in Asia and Europe, driven by passionate commitment to deliver value and build long-standing partnerships with a growing clientele. Its customers come from a diverse range of industries, namely from finance, Information Technology, e-commerce, airline, luxury and hospitality sectors.

“We are keen on investing resources to be able to understand our client’s business in-depth and gain insights on what they need. This enables us to create fully customized BPO solutions that target to meet or even exceed expectations,” said Vanessa.

To date, the company has implemented over 5,000 successful programs and has a customer acquisition record of 3 million.

Accelerating Careers

Teledirect is currently hiring more talents as it poises to grow more careers in the Philippines, where the company opened its first office only in 2014.

“Our clients wanted us to be able to serve their Global English needs and with the Philippines’ rich pool of talents and high proficiency of the English language, it was the best choice. We started setting up our operations a few years ago with a single site and have grown to nearly 3,000 employees spread across 3 beautiful sites,” noted Vanessa.

Nothing is ever random at Teledirect offices. Choreography of space, lounging areas, and all elements are designed to reveal gracious vibes.

Filipino talents, known for being hardworking, resourceful, hospitable and welcoming, proved to be valuable to the company. “We are proud to have the most exceptional Filipino employees and we’re committed to train, coach, develop, and allow them to grow with the organization. We have been recognized as the best partner by most of our clients and this is primarily driven by the quality of service and leadership that our workforce provides,” added Vanessa Faye Garcia.

“Be Happier”

Teledirect’s buzzwords, “Be Happier” encapsulate the mantra that everyone in the company lives by – in how leaders care for team members, or in how employees treat each other, or serve customers.

“The one single concept, #BeHappier, transmits our culture. This is how we differentiate. Teledirect is a place to have fun. But we say ‘happier’ because life is already great. We just think we can make it even better,” beamed Javier Lopez-Sanz, Head of Marketing and Communications at Teledirect Philippines.

Teledirect started using “Be Happier” in 2018 and the management soon realized how good employees recall and relate to the idea. It helped achieve an employee satisfaction score of 90 percent last year.

“Be Happier speaks the truth about how our employees feel when they joined Teledirect and why they choose to stay. Apart from the culture, #BeHappier involves everything that makes us a winner BPO: compensation, workspaces and career opportunities,” said Javier.

A compensation package that is in the top quartile of industry standards and high performance-driven incentives are some of the benefits that allow the company to find the best professionals and reward employees for their skills.

Also unique at Teledirect is its ergonomic and carefully-designed office space that resembles a cozy and comfortable home. “The design is intended to inspire employees to come to work and automatically bring positive vibes to everyone,” said Javier.

Other employee retention programs include learning festivals, health benefits, and engagement activities such as outings, parties, and themed events, to name a few.

Teledirect continues its recruitment of top talent, as it finds more ways to make the workplace enjoyable for everyone while they pursue career aspirations. The company has recently opened its new office at Cebu City.

More information on Teledirect is available at or follow  For inquiries on career opportunities, contact [email protected] or call 0926 672 2620 / 862 9500.


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